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Weekly Meals- January 10th

Sorry I’m getting this post out so late but these playoff football games have been INTENSE! I’m a huge football fan (RIP Chargers) and I have seriously watched every minute of every game this weekend screaming my head off at the tv.

I finally have 20 minutes during half time of the Redskins v. Packers game to plan some meals for the week- HA!

Just in case you’re drooling over that Buffalo Chicken Casserole picture from last weeks Weekly Meals. You can get the recipe here and can get my red Le Creuset dutch oven here– Honestly if you don’t own a dutch oven GET ONE! They’re an investment but the most versatile kitchen item you can own. I do everything in this pot: pasta, meats, chili, soups…etc and am obsessed if you couldn’t tell.

So this week is going to be a little different. I am running my first half marathon of 2016 next Sunday so I’m upping my carb intake this week. I don’t believe carb loading the night before a race does anything but put you into a food coma so I usually just add a little bit of extra carbs throughout the week to start saving up some amazing energy for the weekend- god knows I’m going to need it.

It’s important to remember carbs don’t always have to be pasta, bread, crackers, rice…etc. Carbs can come from whole foods like squash, bananas, dates, beans, strawberries and my favorite sweet potatoes as well. But if we’re being honest most of my carb loading will be coming from whole wheat pasta and brown rice this week- hey it works for me.


Don’t mind my lovely Ugg boots…

Weekly Meals

  • Sunday: PaleOMG’s almost 5 ingredient spaghetti pizza pie **This is seriously one of my all time favorite spaghetti squash recipes!!!
  • Monday: Kale & Chickpea pasta from last week- making it with whole wheat noodles!
  • Tuesday: Crockpot salsa chicken thighs over brown rice and black beans for a burrito bowl!
  • Wednesday: Leftover chicken with a bag of salad
  • Thursday: Pasta Prima spinach & mozzarella ravioli from Costco- Don’t judge I have an event right after work and will not have time to cook!
  • Friday: Honey glazed salmon with broccoli and brown rice!
  • Saturday: At parents- They live closer to where my race is. We will probably have whole wheat spaghetti with salad.

…Just in case you all haven’t noticed I seriously eat the EXACT same things over and over again. I find what I like and is easy to make with my schedule and stick to it.

Do you have any suggestions for easy, healthy, quick weeknight dinners? I’d love to hear!

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