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Hot Chocolate Run Expo Eats + Weekly Meals

One of the highlights of the San Diego Hot Chocolate Run is always the expo.

Normally race expos are pretty boring but this one has hot chocolate samples, chocolate covered marshmallows…really chocolate everything.

My mom and sister are doing this race with me so we decided to turn race expo day into a full day of exploring downtown San Diego.

Just FYI..

Normally I would never eat like this before a race but hey tomorrow’s race is just for fun so might as well relax and indulge a little right?

Hot Chocolate Run Expo Eats:

We got to the expo at around noon and immediately went to the hot chocolate and chocolate covered marshmallow stations…duh!


Caught some volunteers in action dipping those marshmallows mmmmm..hotchoc2 hotchoc3

Hello sugar high…

hotchoc4 hotchoc6

Ghiradelli hot chocolate samples…yes please!

After we had our fill of chocolate and were buzzing on a sugar high we continued to browse around the expo and stopped to take a few silly pictures.

hotchoc5 hotchoc7

Where will you run for chocolate? Is that even a question…ANYWHERE!!

After a good hour at the expo it was time to go. I stocked up on some Skinny Pop and Nuun Hydration and was good to go.

If you haven’t tried the new and improved Nuun you have to. They eliminated all artificial flavoring and it’s more delicious than ever.


Since the race expo was downtown I suggested that we go to one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego…Cafe Gratitude. It’s a vegan restaurant in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood that is nothing short of amazing.

You can read my full restaurant review here.

Please just take a second to look at this gorgeous food. And yes it tastes just as good as it look.


I am…Transformed! 2 Corn Tacos with seasoned pinto beans, grilled portabello mushrooms, butternut squash, pico de gallo, toasted pumpkin seed salsa verde, raw cacao mole and avocado.


I am…Liberated! Pad Thai Kelp Noodles with marinated kelp noodles, thai almond sauce, carrots, red bell pepper, shredded kale, chopped teriyaki almonds and sunflower sprouts.


I am…Hearty! Raw Hawaiian Pizza with fresh pineapple, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, avocado, cashew mozzarella, marinera, cashew ricotta, brazil nut parmesan, nuckwheat onion sunflower crust and side caesar salad.


And to end this fabulous meal we all split the Mint Chip Milkshake…so good!

After lunch we wandered around Little Italy and the San Diego Bay and decided to make one more stop at Ballast Point Brewery. My sister really wanted to try some of their fun flavors they have right now like Pineapple, Watermelon, Mango and Creamsicle beers.

In our defense 3 of us split 4 tasters which actually turned out to be plenty. Ballast Point always pours those tasters generously…cheers!

hotchoc9 hotchoc10 hotchoc11

The beers were totally worth it #sorrynotsorry!

While this is probably the worst example of how to prepare for a race it was so much fun! Not all races have to be so stressful right?

Weekly Meals:

This week is jam packed so I apologize in advance for my Weekly Meals being kind of lame. I’m hosting a BBQ at my pool after the Hot Chocolate Run so there will be lots of leftovers then I’m headed to Vegas to spend Easter with my boyfriend’s family.

How I’m going to fit in marathon training I don’t know but I’ll worry about it after a little more chocolate.

Weekly Meals:

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  • Reply Pragati // Simple Medicine March 20, 2016 at 6:57 am

    I’ve been wanting to run a hot chocolate race FOREVER and now you’ve got me convinced with that hot cocoa! What a fun expo!

    • Reply Diana Becker March 21, 2016 at 1:29 pm

      You have to do one! Even if you’re not a runner you can go out there and walk and still have a blast.

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