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One Meal Two Ways: Salsa Chicken Burritos & Protein Style Tacos

When I got home from work last night the thermostat in my apartment said it’s 90 degrees.

WHAT!?!?! Calm down San Diego I didn’t realize I was living in a hot yoga studio. 

The last thing I want to do when it’s already that hot is turn on my oven or stand over a hot stove cooking dinner. In fact, I’d honestly probably rather starve.

So to solve this issue I’ve turned to my trusty crockpot! 

Yep, crockpots are not just for hot winter soups. They’re also an absolute life saver in the hot summer months when you don’t want your house turning into a sauna.

To fight the heat Bryce and I have been living off my Salsa Chicken recipe. We’ve used it for burritos, tacos, protein style tacos, salads, scrambled with eggs, plain, burrito bowls…really anything you can add chicken to. So when I was thinking of my third and final recipe to share for my One Meal Two Ways series it was obvious it had to be my Salsa Chicken for a little One Meal 20 Ways action haha.

salsa chicken

The two most common ways Bryce and I eat Salsa Chicken is wrapped up in a burrito or in lettuce boats for protein style tacos.

99.9% of the time I put the chicken in lettuce boats but Bryce prefers to wrap everything in a burrito…fair enough.

To satisfy us both I’ve done a lot of research and taste testing (some bad and some good) of some of the “healthy” tortilla options out there. So far the following have been my favorite and PLEASE tell me in the comments if you have a favorite “healthy” tortilla:

Obviously these are not going to taste like those giant, fluffy, restaurant style flour tortillas but in both Bryce and I’s opinion these 4 have all been really great alternatives. 

salsa chicken

Let’s talk a little more about this actual Salsa Chicken recipe…

If you’re a long time reader of my blog you know I use to do a section called “Weekly Meals” where I would post my dinners for the week since I’m a psycho who truly does sit there on Sundays planning out every single thing I will be cooking that week.

Every single Tuesday in my Weekly Meals would be “Taco Tuesday” where I’d make the Salsa Chicken and then have burritos an tacos. I’m obsessed with this easy recipe. 

You can find the step by step Salsa Chicken recipe WITH PICTURES here.

Once you have your meat cooked time to assemble your burritos/ tacos. Here’s what I used…

For the burritos/ protein style tacos:

  • A healthy tortilla (only for the burritos…obviously)
  • lettuce (use the large outer leaves for your tacos)
  • salsa
  • cheese
  • brown rice 
  • avocado
  • plain 0% greek yogurt (works great as sour cream- I always use Fage)
  • salsa chicken mixture (has peppers and onions cooked with it)

You can also buy smaller tortillas and make these into real tacos, ]chop up all the lettuce for a taco salad, have no lettuce at all and do burrito bowls…the sky’s the limit!

Also feel free to use different toppings. Sometimes I add olives and black beans to my tacos or sometimes some fresh cilantro and green onions if I’m feeling fancy. Really just depends on what I have on hand. 

salsa chicken

I hope you all enjoyed this One Meal Two Ways series. 

Just in case you missed the previous posts:

This blog is all about you readers so please continue to tell me what you’d like to see more of on Live Lean Eat Green! More healthy easy meals? What I eat in a day? Healthy desserts? Running tips? Product reviews? My favorite cookbooks? Treadmill workouts? ANYTHING!

salsa chicken

Your turn,

Do you have a favorite “healthy” tortilla?

How do you survive cooking in the summer?

Do you prefer burritos, tacos, burrito bowls, protein style tacos or taco salads?


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  • Reply rachel @ athletic avocado August 4, 2016 at 9:16 am

    what a quick and easy dinner! YUM!
    rachel @ athletic avocado recently posted…Healthy Blueberry Muffin Frappuccino {vegan + paleo}My Profile

    • Reply Diana Becker August 4, 2016 at 4:57 pm

      It’s the easiest dinner EVER. Sometimes I seriously just eat the chicken right out of the crockpot haha!

  • Reply Sara @ Oats & Rows August 4, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    Yum! I love putting salsa on everyyyything
    Sara @ Oats & Rows recently posted…Thinking Out Loud: Vegas, Time Management, and Half Marathon TrainingMy Profile

    • Reply Diana Becker August 4, 2016 at 4:58 pm

      YESS! I love using salsa for salad dressing, with eggs, on meat…literally everything. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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