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Fireside by The Patio

Last Friday I introduced the San Diego Spotlight section on my blog where we talked all about Liberty Station. This week I wanted to stay on the Liberty Station theme and highlight a delicious restaurant that recently opened in the area, Fireside by The Patio. Yep, the same people who do The Patio on Lamont and The Patio on Goldfinch.

Fireside features grilled and wood-fired menu options inspired by the flavors of Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Japan and Thailand. 

There are some vegetarian options on the menu but honestly, if you don’t eat meat this probably isn’t the restaurant for you. The menu is primarily made up of delicious yakitori, pork ribs, steak, bratwursts, burgers, flatbreads…etc. 

Grab your favorite meat eating friends and let’s get into this review.


Restaurant Review:

I went to Fireside on a Friday evening to meet up with some friends and arrived just in time for “Golden Hour” aka Happy Hour (3:00 pm-7:00 pm M-F, 3:00 pm-6:00 pm SA/SU). The Golden Hour menu has everything from ‘make your own margarita’ to wines by the glass…yes please! 

The drinks here are STRONG! No joke, I was drunk off 1/4 of my margarita!

To start off we ordered the pork belly & kimchi yakitori and 2 orders of the bacon wrapped asparagus yakitori. SO GOOD! Just FYI all yakitori means is grilled on a stick…so think kebobs or skewers. 

I could easily come back to Fireside and just have drinks and yakitori it was so delicious! Next time I go I’m trying the shrimp and king trumpet mushroom yakitori!

TAKE NOTE: The lunch and dinner menu’s are very different. At lunch the grills are not on so yakatori is not on option. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND  coming to Fireside for Golden Hour/ Dinner for this very reason!

In addition to the yakitori we also ordered the cheddar corn bread that came with the world’s most incredible whipped orange mascarpone butter. YOU GUYS! You have not lived until you’ve tried this butter. I could have smothered it all over my body and died happy. SO GOOD!



For entree’s Fireside had a ‘specials of the night menu’. Two of my friends ordered sandwiches off that and I accidentally went big and ordered a HUGE steak that was smothered with lemon butter and served with potatoes and asparagus.

My mistake ended up being worth every single penny but I learned the hard way maybe not to ask the waiter to order me his favorite steak they had. No sh*t it’s going to be the most expensive one…oops! 

I ate about half my steak then brought the rest home. Bryce and I cut it up and scrambled it in some eggs the next morning…to die for!

I really want to go back and try some of their flatbreads and their smoked pork ribs…mmmmmm!

IMG_0636 (2)

I mentioned it above but just wanted to say again that this place is really geared towards meat eaters but there are some seafood and vegetarian options. 

One of my friends ordered the smoked trout and quinoa salad and WOW did that look delicious.

So hey, you really can eat as light or as heavy as you want to at Fireside.


We ended our meal with dessert…obviously!

Fireside has a small dessert menu and maybe it was because I was stuffed from my giant steak but I wasn’t crazy about their carrot cake.

It was a little too sweet for me but hey if sweet carrot cake is your thing you’d LOVE this. Plus how cute is this presentation?


Final Thoughts:

Overall I had a wonderful experience at Fireside. The drinks were strong, the food was flavorful, the whole outdoor ambiance was fantastic and they seated us right away for our reservations.

My only negative is that the portions are relatively small for the price. For 4 people to eat here we spent about $200 (1/4 of which was my steak haha). 

Would I come back for dinner…hell yeah if it was for date night or something.

I would highly recommend Fireside for ‘Golden Hour’ to have a few drinks and appetizers. Also, be sure to go after 4:00 pm so you can order the yakitori…I’m still drooling over how delicious that was.


Your Turn,

Have you ever been to Fireside?

Have you ever asked a waiter to order you their favorite thing on the menu and ended up with a meal that costs $893749328749?

Any fun plans for the weekend?


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