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Fit Foodie Run Race Recap

fit foodie run

I have to start this race recap out by giving a HUGE shout out and thank you to the Fit Foodie Race Series for putting on a wonderful race and for choosing me to be an ambassador. I was truly blown away by their generosity and will be doing this race every single year!

Not to spoil this whole post but I didn’t meet my goal of running a sub 50 minute 10k. In fact I had to really slow down my training due to some minor health concerns that I’ll talk more about on the blog next week.

I’m healthy and fine but my doctor highly recommended cutting back on my mileage and not running at high intensity for a bit. I know this sounds like most peoples dream…okay doc I’ll not exercise…but for me I’m STRUGGLING!

Exercise, especially running, is my outlet for stress and without it I’m low key going crazy!

Enough about all that for now…let’s get into the Fit Foodie Run!

For me there were 3 major highlights in this race: the race itself, the vendors and the beer garden! So instead of doing my typical mile by mile race recap I’m just going to review the highlights and show you about 93987349 pictures from the event!





1. The Race

I wish I could say I was happy with the race. Unfortunately it was very unorganized and overcrowded.
This was the first time the Fit Foodie Run had both a 5k and a 10k option. From the beginning I thought it was strange to have both races starting at the same time on a course that overlaps in miles 4-6.2 of the 10k in one of the busiest areas of San Diego. Thankfully this race was a fun run for me or I would have been furious having to dodge strollers, dogs and walkers in the final miles of the race.

Next year they really need to have the 10k start earlier and completely shut down public access to the Seaport Village area or do away with the 10k option because it was not pleasant running such crazy

Another huge issue was the fact that the course was not properly marked. At points I was not sure which direction to go or where to turn around. My Garmin said I ended up running 6.35 miles instead of 6.2 and a man I met later in the beer garden said he missed an entire part of the course and only ended up running 5.30 miles…oops. They definitely needed more volunteers and a more defined course.

Overall the course was beautiful, I had a blast running with Bryce and his co worker Byron and ended finishing in 54:21 which was about a 8:46/ mile pace. Not too shabby!

Would I do the race again next year? YES! But I would probably just do the 5k if updates weren’t made for the 10k.


Despite the crowds the course was beautiful along the San Diego Bay.



The first 3 miles of the 10k were awesome and took you through downtown San Diego past Petco Park where the Padres play.


2. The Vendors

Okay, so the race itself may have not been the best but the vendors more than made up for it! I have never been to a race with better vendors in my life. Not even the Rock ‘N’ Roll races have this many vendors with quality samples.

On top of samples from some of my favorite brands there were actual FOOD samples like waffles and the best chicken salad EVER from Waypoint Public! I expected a little bit more actual food but hey I was very pleased with what they had.

As for the live food demos…I was more interested in collecting samples than sitting down and watching a demo but it looked interesting…maybe next year!


My all time favorite jerky!


I normally don’t like Naked Juice but OMG their Pressed juice was fantastic!


I love these so much! I have always loved the coconut flavored ones but the chocolate chip may be my new favorite mmmm!


I have no idea what he was cooking but it smelled DELICIOUS!


These waffles had bacon in them and were so good after running!



Brew Dr.’s White Rose kombucha is my new obsession. The Just Ginger and Love flavors were excellent as well!


This chicken salad had sundried tomatoes and herbs and you guys was SO GOOD! Bryce and I are going to Waypoint Public next weekend to try more of their food.


LOVE Califia Farms so much! I finally got to try their pumpkin spice latte and it was actually really good…a little sweet but good!


The Lexus water infusion station may have been my favorite vendor there. They gave you water bottles with a special tub to put fruit, herbs and veggies…yes please! 


3. The Beer Garden

I saved the best for last!

I have NEVER been to a race with a more impressive 21+ booze area. It was all you can drink Stella beer and cider, Barefoot wine and champagne and they had entire cans of Truly spiked sparkling water.


I also loved that spectators could purchase wristbands for $20 to come join the fun!

Bryce and I ended up staying until they stopped pouring drinks at 11:00 am and were polity asking people to leave.



When you can’t pick between champagne and beer…you have both!





I seriously love this stuff. It’s so ligh and refreshing and gives you a buzz pretty quickly!


Just take me away on the Stella beer bus please!


fit foodie run

Cheers to an awesome event!


Your Turn,

Did you run the Fit Foodie Run this weekend?

Have you ever ran a Fit Foodie Run?

Does a beer garden make or break a race for you?


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  • Reply Amanda @ Exploring Life & Things October 24, 2016 at 10:08 am

    Okay what.. this beer garden looks amazing! Seriously! Haha. I’ve never heard of the Truly Spiked Sparkling water but it looks so good! So yes, a beer garden after a race is my ideal way to celebrate:) Haha. Those medals look cool too!

    • Reply Diana Becker October 27, 2016 at 8:46 am

      Truly and this brand called White Claw are both so good– nice and light and refreshing but still give you a nice buzz haha!

  • Reply Sarah @ BucketListTummy October 24, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    I’d be sold just on the vendors and beer garden! Looks like fun. I agree, though, no Bueno starting two races at the same time that overlap

    • Reply Diana Becker October 27, 2016 at 8:46 am

      Right?! The second I saw the vendors I knew I had to do this race!

  • Reply Kellen McAvoy October 24, 2016 at 8:10 pm

    Our thoughts were almost identical! haha I didn’t end up going to the beer garden but I wish I did! We went to Rustic Root for Mimosas instead since we were starving and the lines were super long for the samples. So glad I got to see you!

    • Reply Diana Becker October 27, 2016 at 8:47 am

      Your pics from Rustic looked SO DELICIOUS! Equally good choice 🙂

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