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How To Beat Your Holiday Hangover

Hello, hello, hello!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving…I sure did!

My weekend consisted of a very boozy Thanksgiving celebration, 2 absolutely beautiful hikes, a long run, a lot of relaxing, football and tons of pumpkin pie with almond whip cream mmmmmmmmmm.

But now it’s back to reality!

Speaking of reality…

I’m sitting here writing this post honestly just feeling kind of blah after all the holiday excitement. My stomach hurts, I’m bloated, all I want is sweets and a nice nap……bring on the dreaded HOLIDAY HANGOVER.


So in the post holiday spirit I knew I needed to do a post covering 5 things you can do to beat your holiday hangover. I know I will be doing all 5 and more haha!

But first here are some pictures from my Thanksgiving:



Secret house at the weir on Palomar Mountain!


Such stunning Fall colors.


Our hiking crew for the day.


No picture will do this tree justice. It’s HUGE and doesn’t even fit in panorama mode.


4th Thanksgiving with this guy!


Hiking 1 mile straight up to the Olivehein Reservoir.


Made it to the top!


We stayed on the top to watch the crazy storms roll into San Diego and probably stayed a little too long since we ended up having to RUN back down the mountain in the rain haha.


How To Beat Your Holiday Hangover: 



Don’t panic people! The reason you feel extra puffy, bloated and just heavy after the holidays isn’t because you gained fat…it’s simply because you’re bloated from all the sodium in traditional Thanksgiving food and probably drinking a little too much booze. 

To debloat your body this week try the following:

  • Drink a TON of water to flush our your system! I swear by my detox water.
  • Avoid foods that are high in sodium (soups, canned food, really any processed food) and try your best to not add salt to your food- try adding extra pepper instead.
  • SWEAT! Nothing helps debloat your body like a good hot yoga session or a run. Just get moving!
  • Get your portions back in control. A lot of the time bloating is caused by stuffing your face with food until you’re uncomfortable. This week try eating smaller portions and stop eating when you’re content.
  • NO BOOZE! If you want to debloat quickly try eliminating or significantly cutting down on your alcohol consumption. 


Get your digestive system back on track

This is kind of piggybacking off of debloating but I know for me I don’t care if I feel bloated it’s when my digestive system gets completely thrown off that I’m miserable…that nasty gurgling stomach and running to the bathroom unexpectedly…no thanks.

Try these tips to reset your digestive system:

  • Consume fermented & cultured foods to restore a healthy gut flora. I love drinking kombucha and taking a daily gut shot.
  • Drink more water, eliminate booze, chew your food slowly, get back to regular portions…all the common sense things.
  • Make an effort to consume more REAL foods. It’s all the fake crap and sugar that wreck havoc on your digestive system.


Don’t give-in to your sugar cravings

Every single morning and night since Thanksgiving I’ve been having a piece of pumpkin pie and small bowl of apple crisp. OOPS! Now I’m craving sugar of some kind after every meal I eat. It really is insane how fast you can develop a sugar addition which is the easiest way to start packing on those holiday pounds.

Instead of eating sugar try these alternatives:

  • Drink peppermint or ginger tea after meals or when you start to crave something sweet.
  • I swear by having ginger chews around my house/ in my purse at all times. These little chewy pieces of heaven really do help stop cravings almost instantly. 
  • Nobody wants to hear this one but simply be strong and realize that your body needs to detox off all the sugar in its system. The first couple days are hard but it’s worth it!



Get your energy back

The holidays sometimes just suck the life out of you. Too much food/ booze, late nights staying up with family and friends, sleeping in uncomfortable beds…etc can all leave you EXHAUSTED!

If you’re feeling sluggish after the holiday try these things:

  • Get moving! Getting in some exercise (even when you really don’t want to) Even if it’s just a short walk can really get you energized FAST!
  • Get quality sleep. I love using magnesium to put myself into a deep, healing sleep.
  • Don’t drink! Booze negatively affects your sleep quality and you want to try to get the best rest you can to wake up energized.
  • Drinking more water. Feeling tired/ slugglish are signs of dehydration.
  • Consume more veggies. Healthy greens are packed with iron and B vitamins to keep you energized. 


Get back into your normal routine NOW!

Do not keep telling yourself that you will get back to your normal food/ workout routine “tomorrow” or “next week”. Making excuses for why you can’t stick to your healthy habits during the holidays is a guaranteed way to end up 10 lbs heavier in January. 

I really don’t need any examples here simply DO NOT make excuses and get right back into your routine and have a healthy week!



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  • Reply Mackenzie November 28, 2016 at 12:28 am

    Awesome tips, and looks like you had such a great time!! xo

  • Reply Sarah @ BucketListTummy November 28, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    That tree is humongous! I had plenty of pumpkin pie over Thanksgiving and I’ve been craving ice cream every night since 🙂
    Sarah @ BucketListTummy recently posted…Thanksgiving 2016My Profile

  • Reply Laurel Santos May 30, 2017 at 1:23 am

    Great tips! Most of us can’t get enough of the holiday. Goo thing I stumble upon your post. Looking forward for more.

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