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Holiday Gift Ideas For $25 Or LESS!

Christmas is in 19 days…are you freaking out yet?

For once in my life I’m actually VERY calm.

The past few years I’ve ended up spending hundreds of dollars buying everyone in my family gifts, gifts for holiday parties, gifts for work events, gifts for friends, gifts for fitness instructors…etc but this year I’m really trying to make the holidays as affordable (but still enjoyable) as possible. 

To do that my family and I are doing a “Secret Santa” exchange so I only have to buy 1 nice gift…WIN! My friends and I are not doing gifts and instead are doing “experiences” like meeting up for wine tasting or happy hours…WIN! And for everyone else I’ve picked out 5 gifts (under $25) that I personally own and am OBSESSED with that I think everyone else would enjoy too.

So to help make your holiday shopping a little easier here is my Holiday Gift Guide: $25 or less!

For more ideas check out my Gift Guide For The Foodie, Mother’s Day Gift Guide and Father’s Day Gift Guide…all have some pretty awesome, AFFORDABLE gits.


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1. Skinnytast Fast And Slow and Run Fast Eat Slow Cookbooks

There’s nothing worse than paying $20 for a cookbook, making 1 recipe then setting it aside to gather dust with the rest of your books. I promise this will not be the case for both Skinnytaste Fast and Slow and Run Fast Eat Slow. I cook something from each of these books AT LEAST once a week and already gifted my mom Skinnytaste Fast and Slow for her birthday.


2. Feetures Running Socks

All runners know the importance of good socks especially in wet, winter weather but they are rarely something they actually invest in. Feetures are top of the line socks that offer incredible compression, protect against blisters and keep your feet dry. I am obsessed with the couple pairs I have and hope *cough Santa cough* I get another pair this Christmas.


3. Teavana Perfectea Maker

Until I got my Teavana I had no idea what the difference between loose leaf tea and regular bagged tea from the store was. UHHHHH…LIFE CHANGING! The Perfectea Maker allows you to brew both hot and iced tea so easily and packs so much flavor. Just FYI the tea and teamaker are sold separately–I have my eyes on their holiday sampler…mmmmm! 


4. Kyocera Ceramic Knife

Not all knives were created equal. I know it’s so strange to have aknife on a gifft guide but this small Kyocera ceramic knife may be my favorite kitchen accessory EVER! It’s so sharp and makes cutting up fruits, veggies, herbs…etc so easy and actually enjoyable. PLUS it’s totally impervious to acids, juices, oils, salts or other elements and will never rust. 


5. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

I’ve talked about my love for Hydro Flask bottles 938590435 times on this blog. They are hands down the best water bottle out there. Mine keeps ice cubes in it for 12+ hours even in the crazy San Diego heat. I’m a huge believer in having a BPA free reusable water bottle to carry around with you everywhere and these are worth the investment. Note that when purchasing these the color and size will change the price. 



Your Turn,

Have you started gift shopping yet?

Do you do a secret santa type exchange with friends/ family or buy everyone a gift?

What’s a gift under $25 you’d recommend?



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