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Healthy Holiday Tips + Blogging Vacation

Anddddddd I’m officially off of work for 5 days and am so ready to kick back, relax and enjoy the holiday season with friends and family.

With that being said today also begins my blogging vacation. I won’t be posting until after the holidays (January 3rd) so if you simply can’t wait until then to get your dose of Live Lean Eat Green you can follow me on Instagram, Snapchat (@dlbecker) and Facebook

I think it’s so important to take time to disconnect from social media, blogs, celebrity gossip websites and really the internet in general. One of my biggest pet peeves is when you are in a room with people you haven’t seen in months and instead of talking and enjoying each other’s company everyone has their heads down on their phones. REALLY PEOPLE?!?

So with that I’m leaving you all with some tips on how to have a healthy holiday season covering exercise, food and drinks of course.



Healthy Holiday Tips:



It can be very challenging to fit exercise in over the holidays. You may be traveling, have family in town, crappy weather, are busy with events or are simply lacking motivation.

BUT none of these are excuses to not exercise until the new year. 

Here’s some quick tips:

  • Incorporate short, efficient workouts into your routine- Working out doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym for 2+ hours. You can easily get a great workout completed in 20 minutes without even leaving your house. I have a few workouts here or here and there are so many other bloggers, youtube stars/ instagrammers with excellent, QUICK, free workouts.
  • Make exercise a group effort- My family always goes on a hike on Christmas just to get outside ad move after a few too many cookies. Not a hiker…get everyone to go on a walk around the neighborhood or a local park. Freezing outside? Go walk around the mall…the point is to move!
  • Try a new class- I love when I’m in a new place and can take advantage of a deals like a free first classes or free week trials. I never would have tried Corepower Yoga if it wasn’t for me wanting to be able to workout over Christmas break while being home. 6 years later I’m still OBSESSED!
  • Change your mindset- Dreading your SAME boring run on your same route? Turn it into a festive event making a point to look at all the decorations. I ran the beach a couple weeks ago and was dreading the monotonous boardwalk (okay I shouldn’t complain) and was so entertained by all the decorations. Seriously every house was decorated, the lights were beautiful and I even saw a couple Christmas trees in the sand. 


It’s really rough living in San Diego during the “winter”.



It’s so easy to completely fall off the wagon with eating this time of year. A cookie here, a few rolls there all topped off with a few hungover mornings munching on leftover pizza…yep been there.

While I think it’s very important to never restrict yourself, especially during the holidays, you also need to be reasonable about your choices so you don’t end up 20 lbs heavier come January…just saying!

  • It’s all about balance- I personally never really struggle with holiday weight simply because I balance my diet. It’s so easy and you still get to enjoy everything you want. Here’s how it works; If you know you’re eating a huge Christmas dinner (appetizers, the meal, dessert, booze) maybe have a light salad with chicken for lunch instead of a big bowl of pasta. 
  • Have healthy snacks readily available- If your house looks anything like mine over the holidays there are constantly treats on the kitchen counters and table making it pretty easy to grab a few 10 a day. This year try leaving a bowl of mixed nuts, fresh fruit, sunflower seeds, chopped veggies…etc out as well and I promise even if you make the healthier choice 50% if the time it will help.
  • Have a healthy meal option- I did a 3 part series awhile ago called “One Meal Two Ways”. The entire concept was meals you can easily modify to be healthier without having the make multiple meals for the rest of your family. My family is doing burgers the day before Christmas eve so we can easily please those not eating carbs, vegans (veggie burgers) and meat lovers. Make it easy!
  • Try to stick to your routine- Do you normally have a green smoothie for breakfast, protein bar for a snack, salad with protein for lunch, veggies and dip for an afternoon snack then dinner? Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean your whole routine needs to be shot. When you start skipping meals or ignoring the fact you haven’t had something green in days that’s when you can get into trouble are are more likely to overeat/ make poor choices. Don’t stress about your routine but be mindful.
  • Never go to a party hungry- Ever go to a party hungry only to find out dinner won’t be served for a couple hours? Bring on the appetizer binge. Having a small snack before going to all your holiday events will help you make the best choices.


Turkey burgers from my One Meal Two Ways series can easily be served as burgers or on top of a delicious salad below.



Beer, wine, eggnog, cider…sounds like the holidays to me but drinking is the main reason peoples health goals get shot to hell FAST.

I’m not saying to abstain from drinking because it’s be honest—it’s not going to happen but here’s a few quick tips:

  • Avoid a hangover by sticking to the same type of booze- Okay, yes we all know this one but it’s so easy at a holiday party to start with champagne then get offered a glass of wine then the host wants to make you’re their special holiday cocktail then BAM you’re doing shots of whiskey until 1:00 am. Really try to stick to 1 or 2 types of booze and you’ll be good to go.
  • Avoid sugary drinks/ mixers- All the holiday desserts are already packed with sugar so the last thing you want to be doing is drinking more of it. Fun fact 1 cup of eggnog contains over 200 calories and 20g of sugar…NO THANKS!
  • Don’t forget about water- With all the fun and excitement going on it’s easy to overlook drinking enough water but it’s so important to keep cravings away, keep your digestive system moving and to avoid feeling sluggish and tired. Not a water fan? Try sparkling water or adding fresh fruit or herbs.




Your Turn,

Do you plan on taking a social media break during the holidays?

What tips and tricks do you have for staying healthy during the holidays?

Any fun holiday plans?



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