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Hot Chocolate 15k Training: Week 4 + Weekly Workouts

Guess who just finished their first double digit run of 2017?!?!?

ME!!! (and Bryce and my mom)

So quick story…I came straight home after trail running this morning and was so excited and proud of our mini running group I totally forgot to properly stretch and instead ate 5 oranges and some steak then headed out to the pool to enjoy this very unusual 80 degree weather we’re having in San Diego. 

Fastforward 2 hours…I can hardly walk. Rookie mistake..ALWAYS properly stretch after long distance running. Especially when you are working up to distances you haven’t ran in errrrr 6 months? I should seriously know this by now haha!

You’ll find me icing my legs on the couch the rest of the day!

Anyway, let’s get into last weeks training!


Slow and steady but I seriously wish you could have seen the giant puddles of mud we had to dodge on the run.


15k Training Update:

This past week probably was the best week of race training I’ve ever had. I ran 4 times, did strength training, took a rest day and did some yoga. My body feels great and is adjusting very well to running again!

I ended up doing 30 minutes of easy running Tuesday, 1 hour of trail running Wednesday, 40 minutes of interval training aka death on Friday and did my 10 miler this morning. 

I’m finding that during the busy work week I like running for time much more than running for distance. For example, running for 30 minutes before work sounds a hell of a lot easier to me than running 3.5 miles. Maybe it’s just a mental thing but it’s been helping to get my butt out of bed to get these training runs in.

I highly recommend running for time this week if you’re in a running slump and let me know if it helps!



15k Week 4 Training Plan:

I have no idea how I’m already on week 4 of this training plan ahhh! But things are going great and considering a 15k is only 9.3 miles and I did 10 today I’m feeling pretty good.

The thing I want to work on for this race and my upcoming half marathons though is my time. I know I can finish a 15k and a half marathon but am not really trying to do them at a 10 minute pace like usual.

Last year I didn’t really try at the Hot Chocolate 15k and finished in 1:25:58 which is about 9:30/ mile and my half marathon PR from last year is 1:54:23 which I’m actually super proud of BUT I know I can always do better. 

This week the Hot Chocolate Training plan encourages a lot of running at “race pace”. Honestly, until right now I hadn’t really thought of a specific goal for this race at all. I think my goal is going to be to run this very hilly race at a 9-9:15/ mile pace with the goal to finish at around 1:20:00. I know for a fact my half marathon goal for this year is to get sub 1:50:00 ideally a 1:45:00 but we’ll get more into that when this 15k is done.



Weekly Workouts:

Week 4 of the Hot Chocolate 15k plan involves A LOT of running and unfortunately I have a very busy week coming up and may be going out of town beach camping up in Malibu this weekend if it isn’t pouring rain. This week is going to be a challenge, BUT I can do it!

  • Monday: rest
  • Tuesday: 45 minute run + yoga sculpt
  • Wednesday: yoga sculpt
  • Thursday: yoga sculpt with work
  • Friday: 5 miles with race pace and recovery
  • Saturday: 30 minute run + sculpt (may change due to plans)
  • Sunday: long run 8-10 miles (hopefully in Malibu)



Your Turn,

Do you prefer running for time or distance?

How do you fit runs into your schedule during a busy work week?

What running goals are you trying to crush in 2017?


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