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Tips For Running In The Rain + Weekly Workouts

Before you all start rolling your eyes as you read this I’ll admit as a native San Diegan I’m a baby when it comes to the weather.

Seriously, the second there’s a cloud and it drops below 60 I’m miserable. 

But I’m not exaggerating that we’ve been getting SO MUCH rain this Winter. My usual running trails are flooded, some of my speed workouts have been nearly impossible due to high winds and a few times there’s even been thunderstorms. Rough life…I know haha.

So whats a girl to do in rainy weather when they have a 15k in less than a month and 3 half marathons looming in the near future? 

Yep, you guessed it…simply learn to run in the rain.

You guys, I’ve become an expert at running in the rain and want to share some tips on what to wear to make it a little less miserable. Oh and to prove to you all about the rain? Take a look at this trail from today’s run:


Flooded trails from this morning’s 10 mile run…so ready for summer!


Tips For Running In The Rain

  1. wear a hat or visor- The brim will keep rain out of your face/ eyes…kinda of like a little umbrella!
  2. avoid chafing- There is nothing worse than chafing OUCH! In the rain chafing is even more likely to happen so be proactive and rub some Body Glide (obsessed) or Vaseline where you normally chafe (inner thighs, feet, sports bra lines, nipples…etc)
  3. wear tight fitting clothes- Speaking of chafing, another great way to avoid this is to wear clothes that fit tight to the body. The less fabric moving around the less potential for chafing.
  4. protect your electronics- An iphone in a wet jacket pocket probably isn’t the best idea. Before heading out for a run in the rain pop any electronics into a ziplock bag or a waterproof carrier. You’re welcome.
  5. say no to cotton- Cotton tends to soak up water making your clothing very heavy to run in. When running in the rain opt for lightweight sweat wicking clothing AND SOCKS! My favorite sweat wicking socks that help prevent chafing and blisters have always been Feetures both for rainy and sunny runs.
  6. don’t overdress- A great tip I heard was to always dress for the temperature as if it wasn’t raining then simply wear a lightweight, waterproof shell jacket on top to stay dry. Overdressing simply means more heavy wet clothes. 
  7. be extra cautious- This sounds obvious but when it rains the roads/trails can get extra slippery and hazardous. Don’t risk injuring yourself and consider running a slower pace and keep your eyes on the road!


This stuff is a LIFESAVER for preventing chafing!


Weekly Workouts

Alright, alright, alright I have a busy week coming up and am going to CRSSD music festival this weekend so planning my workouts is going to be crucial!

Actually, this entire coming month of March is going to be crazy. I have CRSSD, then nothing, then am going to San Francisco/Napa for a long weekend then the Hot Chocolate 15k that next weekend…AHH!

Read or not….

Here’s what the Hot Chocolate 15k people recommend for WEEK 9 of training:



Anddd here’s what I’m planning on doing:

  • Monday: rest
  • Tuesday: 40 mins easy run (am) + yoga sculpt (pm)
  • Wednesday: 1 hour trail run (pm) + yoga sculpt (pm)
  • Thursday: yoga
  • Friday: 10 miles (last 5 miles at goal 15k pace)
  • Saturday: yoga then CRSSD music festival
  • Sunday: scheduling a hangover rest day here but if I’m feeling alive I may try to sneak in a few miles


I was prepared for the rain: Feetures socks on, light clothing, rain jacket and a hat!


Your Turn,

What are your tips for running in the rain?

Do you have any races sneaking up on you?

Do you plan your workouts around events/ having hangover days? haha



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