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What’s In My Running Bag

running bag

Balancing working full time and training for a half marathon can be challenging. 

Do you run before work? After work? What if you get stuck on a project and have to skip a run? 


I am not a morning person AT ALL so unfortunately most of my running has to be done after work. With that comes the added morning stress of packing to be sure to have I have clothes, fuel, sunscreen, body glide, a hat…etc. 

Over the past few months I can’t tell you all how many times I forgot my Clif Shot Bloks or Body Glide and debated skipping my run. I never actually skip my runs BUT they’re certainly just a little less enjoyable when I’m missing one of my running essentials.

So, last week I finally came to the realization that my life is CRAZY and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon so I decided to grab one of my 10,000 Lululemon bags and designate it as my pre-packed “running bag”. 


I love knowing all I need to do in the morning is grab my running bag and head out the door. Obviously when things get low I have to keep them stocked up 90% of the time my bag is stocked with all my running essentials.


run bag


So what’s inside my running bag?


  • Pair of socks– I am obsessed with Feetures socks.
  • Sports bra- Victoria’s Secret recently had a buy one get one free sale on all sports bra so obviously I had to stock up and throw one of my old ones into my running bag.
  • Hat- For me having a hat will make or break a run. I ALWAYS keep an extra hat in my bag. 
  • Jacket- I often have to run errands after running and there’s no way my sweaty self is surviving in the freezing cold grocery store without a jacket. 


  • Clif Shot Bloks- On long runs I eat one of these every 3ish miles. They taste delicious, give me a little energy boost and don’t cause any stomach issues. For the record, I have a very sensitive stomach so these Shot Bloks have been life changing. 
  • Nuun hydration- On longer runs or super hot days I fill my running water bottle with water (obviously) and half a Nuun tab to get those electrolytes. If I’m just doing a shorter recovery type run I just throw a Nuun tab into my water bottle after I’m done but regardless it’s so important to hydrate.
  • Some kind of bar (I like Perfect Bars, Lara Bars and Bobo’s Oat Bars before/after runs)- I’m crazy and need to have something in my stomach before running (actually I prefer to be kinda full). My bag is always stocked with healthy bars just in case I need a bite before a run or am running errands after and don’t want to get hangry.
  • Running water bottle- Like I mentioned above on long or hot runs I always like to have water or Nuun with me especially as the temperatures warm up so this small clip on bottle is a must. 


  • Sunscreen– This one is pretty self explanatory but there’s no way I’m running outside in the blazing sun for 30+ minutes without sunscreen.
  • Body Glide- Ohhh chafing…how I hate you! A couple swipes of Body Glide over your problem areas (inner thighs, arm pits, sports bra line…etc) and you’re good to go. 
  • Neutrogena makeup sweat remover wipes- Like I mentioned I sweat like crazy when I run and sometimes it just feels amazing to get all that salt and nasty sweat off my face post run, especially if I’m running errands or something.
  • Chapstick- Again, self explanatory but nobody likes chapped lips. 
  • Extra headphones- This may be the most important thing to put in your running bag! If I don’t have headphones I probably won’t make it longer than a mile or two. 
  • Running belt- I hate arm bands for your phone and much prefer belts. The one I have is no longer available but here’s something similar.
  • Mini deodorant- You’re welcome.



running bag


Your Turn,

Do you have a pre-packed bag for working out?

What are a couple things you always keep in your workout bag?

Are you a morning or evening exerciser?



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