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Products I’m Loving From Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!

I remember back in the good old college days when celebrating Cinco De Mayo was a HUGE deal. We’d all skip class, dress up in our finest sombreros and drink disgusting amounts of cheap Mexican beer and tequila. 

Good times.

Well this year to celebrate I’m taking the day off work and will be running 9 miles, doing laundry and visiting my parents…boyyy how things change haha!

So since it’s Friday and a holiday I figured why not do a fun little Friday Favorites post talking all about things I’m loving from Trader Joe’s. I swear they come out with some awesome new product every day…my stomach is certainly happy but my wallet…not so much!

Cheers and enjoy!


Things I’m Loving From Trader Joe’s:


Trader Joe's


Butternut Squash Zig Zags

I love butternut squash but HATE peeling and cutting it so much that I rarely buy it. So when I saw these little zig zags at Trader Joe’s a few months ago I got so excited- No peeling and cutting PLUS the squash is in a fun shape…SIGN ME UP! I love tossing these in a little avocado oil, sprinkling them with salt/pepper/garlic powder then roasting them in the oven. They basically turn into guilt free fries!!


Trader Joe's

Jalapeno Chicken Sausage

I’m always on the hunt for meats that don’t contain sugar and other creepy chemicals. I swear even at places like Whole Foods 90% of the meats contain sugar…no thanks! These pre-cooked sausages have very clean ingredients and are so great to sauté really quickly for breakfast, throw on top of a salad, toss with pasta or on a bun. Oh, and if you’re wondering if they’re spicy…they honestly are not spicy at all and I’m a baby- they’re more just flavorful.


Trader Joe's


Cilantro and Jalapeno Hummus

For someone who really isn’t into spicy things I’m sure on a jalapeno kick today but this hummus is AMAZING! It’s so creamy and is full of the brightest most refreshing flavors without being too spicy. A perfect little Cinco De Mayo dip?


Trader Joe's


Dark Chocolate Ganache Mini Sheet Cake

Obviously this isn’t healthy at all but I swear it might be the most delicious cake I’ve ever had. Oh and it gets better because it comes in Vanilla too. Next time you want to treat yourself get this, put on your sweat pants and prepare to eat the entire thing in one sitting.


Trader Joe's


Carrot Spirals

I’m a sucker for anything that resembles pasta! I’ve only had these frozen carrot spirals a couple of times but they’re absolutely delicious and such a fun way to eat more veggies.


Trader Joe's


Riced Cauliflower

Real talk…I’ve only attempted to make riced cauliflower on my own once and it was an epic failure. My entire kitchen was covered in cauliflower and the end result didn’t resemble rice at all. So thank you Trader Joe’s for making healthy eating as easy as pouring a frozen bag into a skillet for a couple minutes. 


Trader Joe's


Everything but the Bagel Seasoning and Chile Lime Seasoning

I was really skeptical about the Everything Bagel Seasoning after seeing 98437593 people on Instagram posting about it but it honestly is freakin DELICIOUS! It’s so good on roasted veggies, sprinkled onto salads, on meat…really anything. BUT the Chile Lime Seasoning may actually be better than the Everything Bagel one…bold statement I know. For anyone who has ever had Tajin and sprinkled it on fresh fruit in the summer this is exactly what this seasoning is! It’s incredible on fruit, fish, chicken and would be the perfect rim for a Cinco De Mayo margarita! Cheers!



Your Turn,

Are you celebrating Cinco De Mayo?

Have you tried any of these Trader Joe’s products?

What do you put the Everything Bagel Seasoning on?

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  • Reply Sarah @ BucketListTummy May 5, 2017 at 6:35 am

    Those zigzags are TOO CUTE. I need to find them ASAP. Trader Joe’s is awesome
    Sarah @ BucketListTummy recently posted…A Little R&RMy Profile

  • Reply Susan Becker May 5, 2017 at 8:27 am

    Love this post!!! Thanks for the tips on these products, excited to check them out!!! And yes, that cake is to die for! ❤️ TJ’s!!!!

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