How I’m Staying Active During My Running Break

A couple of weeks ago I announced on my blog that I’d be taking a break from running to let my shin splints and right calf heal.

For most people this would be an easy (and probably very welcomed) break but for me it was actually terrifying.

I don’t just run to stay in shape…I run for my sanity – It’s how I de-stress after a long day, it’s when I do my best thinking for my blog/work and it gives me a sense of accomplishment nothing else gives me. So without running WTF am I supposed to do?

Well, considering my body gave me no other choice but to stop running I’ve had to find ways to stay active (and sane) that don’t involve putting a ton of stress on my muscles/ joints. 

Thankfully, I’ve found a few types of workouts (discussed below) that have really helped get me through this running break. I’ve actually really enjoyed slowing down and cutting back on my super intense workouts. I feel like my body is way less puffy, I have more control over food cravings and I see more muscle definition that ever before. It’s been incredibly eye opening to realize SH*T maybe I was really over training and doing more harm than good for my body.

Lesson learned, sometimes less is more.

Anyway, I just wanted to share 3 types of exercise I’ve been loving during this running break/ healing time. 

Enjoy and have a happy Memorial Day weekend!


How I’m Staying Active During My Running Break:

Tone It Up Workouts

I had never heard of Tone It Up before until my friend and fellow blogger Kellen at A Cup of Kellen posted about starting one of their challenges back around New Years. She would post weekly about her workouts, meal plans, recipes and it got me so curious to see what Tone It Up was all about. YOU GUYS…the girls who run Tone It Up may be some of the most motivational people on the internet and their workouts are all quick, efficient and incredibly effective using minimal equipment. Tone It Up has a ton of free workouts, workout videos, recipes…etc on their website and are constantly posting on their Instagram @toneitup.

Looking for a workout to start with? I did the “Totally Toned” workout the other day and am STILL SORE! Their workouts are challenging but don’t overly stress your body which I LOVE and need.



Walks and hikes

I use to have the mindset that if you weren’t sweating, dying and gasping for air you weren’t getting a good cardio workout in. Over the years I’ve learned that sometimes just going out for a 20-30 minute walk or hitting the trails for a hike can be equally as beneficial for your body, especially when it’s healing. Plus just check out some of the beautiful views you get to soak in…


Gorgeous views from a beach walk the other day.



Normally I take Yoga Sculpt classes at Corepower Yoga which are more like a bootcamp class than yoga. They involve using weights, jumping around and a tiny bit of yoga- HA! Over the past couple of weeks I’ve significantly cut back on Sculpt classes and have been taking more heated vinyasa/ flow style classes. It’s been such a wonderful change to spend time stretching and lengthening my muscles instead of constantly killing myself in class.

Never tried hot yoga? You have to read my post on surviving your first hot yoga class. I share some great tips and a hilarious story about my first time taking hot yoga. 




Your Turn,

Have you ever had to take a break from running due to injury?

If so, did you still try to exercise/ stay active?

Any fun Memorial Day plans?


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