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Rock ‘N’ Roll San Diego Half Race Recap

Yes, I know it’s kind of strange to write a race recap for a race I didn’t run BUT my boyfriend, Bryce, and his brother David did run.  Bryce is going to make a guest appearance in this post to write his ridiculous race recap.

So grab some coffee and get comfortable because this race recap may just be the craziest thing you’ve ever read and will make you question everything you thought about training/ preparing for a half marathon.


Bryce’s Race Recap:

I have been slaking on my long runs lately, but I had to run because my brother David made us commit to run the race 6 months ago.  I had no strategy to speak of for preparing physically. Instead, my race prep started Friday with a dinner that had a lot of noodles. Saturday, we opted for an easy morning poolside yoga class over the more physically demanding yoga-sculpt variety. The poolside class came with a few free drinks so the party accidentally got started early.  

10 drinks later we walked next door to the race expo so I could register and we could get our race gear.   Next, we went back to the bar and then I went home. Of course, that lead to my being hungover Sunday morning before the race. I woke up when my brother got home from partying just an hour before race time.  Yikes.  

At the at the starting line we reassured ourselves that the race would at least be over in 2:00-2:30 hours. I opted to listen to an album by the Smiths called “the Sound of the Smiths” because it has 23 songs and lasts 1:17 hours. I estimated i would get through the album about twice before finishing. So, we were expecting the run to be miserable and we were “okay” with the prospect of a shitty time. I was so unconcerned with time that I ran without tracking pace or distance. I would assess my progress by just using clock-time and distance marks along the way.

At mile marker 1, the clock time was 0:21+, so i figured we started 10-ish minutes after start time. Fast forward to mile 3 when my brother, who was tracking pace and distance on his phone, declares our pace  too fast.  I left him in the dust at that point because my legs and lungs felt good – my thought was to just go at a pace that felt comfortable. Plus, I though maybe he needed to poo. My next thought was to check the mile markers when the Smith’s album restarted. That was at about mile 9 which surprised me because I was expecting to be around mile 7-8 when the album restarted. That was also when I thought of breaking 2:00 hours because I thought Diana might really be impressed given the last-nights activities and our hungover state prior to the race. So, I kept going. By mile 11 my legs started feeling woozy but I told myself that it would be over in 18 min and that kept me going. Coming down the straight away I could see the clock time approaching 2:10 hours and so I sped through knowing it was close but not sure exactly if i beat 2:00. It turned out that I ran a 1:58:50. My last 1/2 marathon time was 2:15 at america’s finest city race, so I dropped 15 minutes off my time.

So, wanted to party. But I did not have my ID to get my complementary beer. I sat there watching everyone drinking a beer while I waited for Diana to bring my wallet to me. What made waiting worse is that i grabbed a dirty shirt in my hungover state, and the shirt smelled like absolute shit. I had to throw it away and buy a new shirt from the race shops.  

I have two takeaways from the race. One  is that, even though I was not running to  train, I was still exercising nearly every day and walking for at least an hour on my lunch breaks. All of that exercise still paid off. My second takeaway is that I ran america’s finest city at 240 lbs and this race at about 218 lbs. Not carrying that extra 20+ pounds was a noticeable.  In particular, I stayed on a steady pace when going up hills and my legs didn’t feel fatigued until mile 11 this race versus mile 8 during america’s finest city race.


Wooo Bryce finishing strong. I’m still shocked he pulled out a sub 2 half after drinking the entire day before. I don’t drink for weeks before a race and struggle to get under 2 hours haha!

David also had an awesome race finishing in 2:11:00 after only getting 1 hour of sleep. SO IMPRESSED!


Post Race

While the guys were running my mom, dad and I spent the morning getting coffee and breakfast and taking our sweet time to make our way to the finish line. We actually almost missed the guys finish but that’s a story for another post haha!

We all met up at the finish line festival down at Little Italy’s Waterfront Park and Bryce immediately wanted his ID to get that post race beer…very understandable and well deserved.


Earned it!

How cute are these beer cans?


After giving the guys a few minutes to catch their breath we obviously had to snap some post race pictures.


They did it!! I’m still so impressed they not only finished but CRUSHED IT!

Right before we threw away that nasty purple shirt haha.

My friend Carolyn also ran and had an AWESOME race after not taking training too seriously. Maybe that’s the new approach I need to take to racing.


After snapping some pictures and enjoying some of the music at the finish line festival we walked a few blocks up into Little Italy for some brunch.

Bryce had been craving a good bloody mary so we decided to go to this awesome place called Davanti Enoteca where they have a build your own bloody mary bar aka heaven on earth!


Does life really get any better than this?

All the green olives please!

Cheers to an awesome day of both racing and cheering!

Post race brunch crew 

My dad in total bloody mary heaven!


Once we finished brunch Bryce and David started to crash so we hopped on the trolly and headed back to Bryce and I’s house in Mission Valley.

Since Bryce’s birthday was today (the day after the race) we decided to celebrate with a post race BBQ and pool party. We ate tri tip, salmon, potato salad, veggies, hummus, hot dogs and the world’s most delicious carrot cake from Urge!

I truly could not be more proud of Bryce and David for completing this half marathon and have some serious race FOMO going on. Here’s hoping my shins heal up in the next couple weeks so I can start training for the SeaWheeze Half in August!


LOL attempting to “surprise” Bryce with a carrot cake and gifts by throwing a towel over his head

The birthday boy living the dream with frosting on his glasses and everything!


Your Turn,

Did you run the San Diego Rock ‘N’ Roll half or full marathon this weekend?

Have you ever drank the day/night before a race?

What races do you have coming up?



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  • Reply Susan Becker June 6, 2017 at 7:32 am

    Haha 😂Love this recap!!!!!! So crazy! Certainly makes you re-think training!

    • Reply Diana Becker June 6, 2017 at 1:41 pm

      I say next time we run a half…0 training with a bottle of Mumm rose the night before haha

  • Reply Mark J Becker June 6, 2017 at 11:32 am

    A very nice recap of our adventurous Sunday. Was fun hanging out with Diana and Susan for a change since they usually are racing. Bryce may have to do more guest writings with his storytelling ability.

    • Reply Diana Becker June 6, 2017 at 1:41 pm

      Thank you and yes I could get use to sipping coffee and eating delicious food while other people run haha!

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