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Friday Favorites: Vita Cup

vita cup

How many times have you woke up in the morning, rushed out the door and forgot to take your vitamins? 

Ummm that’s me almost every day.


How many times have you woke up in the morning and forgot to drink a cup of coffee? Uhhh NEVER!

Introducing Vita Cup which provides all the essential vitamins you need to increase your energy and boost your metabolism in a single serve K-cup.  GENIUS!

I had the pleasure of getting to try both the French Vanilla and French Roast and you guys…you don’t taste the vitamins at all and the coffee/ vitamin combination really does give you a boost of energy that lasts for hours.




The importance of getting your vitamins

The story behind Vita Cup is actually very interesting and may be all too familiar for those of us trying to balance working full time/working out/hanging out with friends and family/pursuing a side hustle.

Brandon, the CEO of Vita Cup,  was battling with always being sick and found out that he had vitamin deficiencies that were negatively affecting his health. He found that with the proper vitamins his energy, focus and drive came back. In an effort to make taking your daily vitamins easier Brandon teamed up with a 5th generation coffee brewer and Vita Cup was born.

Each individual Vita Cup coffee pod is infused with the following vitamins for optimal health:

  • Thiamine (B1)- Helps digest carbohydrates and process alcohol
  • Dexpanthenol (B5)- Supports adrenal health and supports weight loss
  • Pyridoxiine (B6)- Reduces inflammation, eases arthritis pain and PMS symptoms/ energy
  • Folic Acid (B9)- Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails along with helping the body to produce and maintain new cells/ energy
  • B12- Maintains energy levels, boosts mood and supports function of nervous system/ energy
  • D3- Boosts weight loss, supports immune health and fights depression
  • Antioxidants- Neutralizes harmful free radicals and helps eliminate them from the blood stream

If you’re like Brandon and find yourself feeling sluggish, emotional, forgetful, irritable, have trouble sleeping, can’t lose those last 5 lbs, get sick frequently…etc you may have a vitamin deficiency. 

Obviously only a medical professional can diagnose you with a vitamin deficiency but it’s pretty awesome to think all those symptoms may go away simply by drinking your morning coffee.

Plus here’s some facts:

  • 40% of the population has low Vitamin B12.
  • 75% of women on the pill and 25% of the general population have low Vitamin B6
  • Over 41% of the population is Vitamin D deficient



Interested in trying Vita Cup?

If you’re interested in giving Vita Cup a try you can currently order it from their website and it was just announced that Bed, Bath & Beyond will be carrying the product shortly.

Not a coffee drinker?

Vita Cup also has a green tea pod packed with all the same essential vitamins!

Cheers to that!



Your Turn,

Have you ever tried Vita Cup?

Do you often forget to take your daily vitamins?

Are you a coffee or tea person?



*I received 2 complimentary boxes of Vita Cup in exchange for my honest review. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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