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How To Return To Running After An Injury Stronger Than Ever

I’m so excited to say that after 2 long months of not running I’M BACK!


I’d been testing my shins/calf over the past couple weeks by speed walking and doing run/walk intervals and to my delight didn’t have any pain. I felt pretty confident that after such a long break I may be ready to return to training and wanted to test my theory with a couple short runs then did a 6 miler with my mom and Bryce last weekend and you guys…completely pain free.

Now let’s be honest here because my shins/calf may have felt great but DAMN did I feel out of shape haha! No joke, 2 miles into my run I was out of breath and my legs felt like they weighed 948759 lbs.

Getting back into shape is going to be challenging but I’m determined to come back stronger than ever and focus on a healthy training plan for the Lululemon SeaWheeze half I have coming up in August. Right now my only goal for this race is to run it smart, listen to my body, soak in the beautiful views of Vancouver and have some fun- more on my training plan and everything in the next couple weeks.

For today’s blog post I wanted to share 5 tips for returning to running after an injury stronger than ever! You bet I’ll be following all 5 of these 100%!



1. Take things slow

It’s so important to ease back into running after being sidelined due to an injury. Just this past weekend when I set out to do a 5-6 mile trail run I was tempted to turn it into an 8-10 miler and pick right back up where my training left off.

Uhhhh NO!

The correct way to is slowly up your mileage/ running frequency and supplement some of those days where you’re tempted to run with stretching/ foam running/ cross training. 

Be patient. The last thing you want to do is go hard too quickly and end up injured again.


2. Just because you’re not injured anymore don’t get lazy with preventative care

I’m so guilty of this one.

I’ve dealt with shin splints my entire running career and after a running break when they feel good again I completely stop icing/ foam rolling/ stretching…etc.

The key to coming back stronger than ever with running is PREVENTING getting injured again so just because you’re feeling great don’t get too lax with your rehab/preventative care.


3. If you feel pain…STOP

This one is so important.

If you feel pain creeping back into your body during a run stop running, stretch and walk. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try to push through the pain, especially if you’re just coming back from an injury. 

It’s incredibly frustrating when you think you’re healed/ ready to start training again then those old pains flare up but it’s honestly just your body telling you it’s not quite ready to run again and is protecting you from turning what could be a minor injury into something more severe.



4. Add cross-training to your routine

Like I mentioned in #1. you’re going to need to ease back into running. Instead of running 6 days a week pre-injury you may only want to start off running 2-3 then supplementing the rest with cross-training.

Doing some kind of cross-training that mimics running or can be very beneficial in strengthening your muscles without putting too much stress on your injury. Strength training is also a great option.

I’ve loved adding in a cycling class, yoga, barre and Tone It Up workouts into my routine. Some other ideas are swimming, walking or the elliptical.


5. Stay positive

Yes, it’s going to suck getting back into shape but you can’t have a negative mindset.

Instead of thinking about how bad your run was, or how you use to be 2 minutes faster switch that mentality to HEY, I’M SO THANKFUL TO BE RUNNING AGAIN!

There’s truly nothing like not being able to run that makes you want to run. I don’t know if that makes any sense but it’s how I feel haha.

So stay out of your head and trust the process of slowly getting back into shape and coming back stronger than ever!





Your Turn,

Have you ever had a running injury?

Any tips for coming back from an injury stronger than ever?

Any races coming up this Summer/Fall?


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  • Reply Kay D. July 7, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    Definitely stop when you pain! I’ve learned the hard way with that one-I thought I could work through a bit of knee pain, but it ended up way worse.
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