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SeaWheeze Half Marathon Training: Week 3

I’m a little late getting my usual Monday running post out but I felt so passionately about sharing my thoughts on the ‘What The Health’ documentary I just had to vent and get that out early in the week.

Moving on…

Week 2 of SeaWheeze Half Marathon training is officially in the books and I’m thrilled to report that I had an awesome week. I realized that after having such an awful first week of training that something needed to change. After a lot of thinking it came down to simply changing my mindset and just like that my passion and joy for running came back.

I ended up doing a 6 miler, 3 miler, 5 miles of speed training then 7 miles of trail running for a grand total of 21 miles WOO HOO! Along with all that running I took 3 yoga classes which helps stretch out my sore muscles so much. 

I’m feeling very optimistic about this upcoming half marathon and know if I can mentally stay positive these final 2 weeks of training will go well.


I’m seriously so proud of myself for hitting a 7:45 mile in last week’s speed training workout. That was not easy!!


Podcasts v. Music

This is totally random but this past week I really focused on keeping a positive mindset even when training got hard or I didn’t feel like running. This positiviy practice got me thinking about what I was during during my runs that caused my minset to shift.

I had previously been listening to podcasts during my runs to help me just zone out and cruise through my runs but recently I’ve just been getting bored of listening to people talk while I’m running. WIthout even noticing it that boredum started to translate to a negative attitude and you simply can’t have that when you’re traiing for a freakin half marathon. 

So this past week I experimented running with music and you guys…GAME CHANGER!

I’ve been absolutly loving Apple Music and all the fun pre-made playlists they have on there. During my speed workout I listened to the “Dance/EDM Replay” playlist and during my 6 miler I jammed out to the “I Miss ’00 Hip-Hop/R&B” playlist. I swear during both those runs I had a smile on my face and almost didn’t want my runs to end because I wanted to hear what song was next.

So I guess the point of this little tangent is if you’re finding yourself getting bored with running or feeling uninsired try changing it up. Maybe you’re sick of all your music…try a podcast or audio book, swap playlists with a friend, check out Apple Music…the possibilites are endless.


Trail running views…


Weekly Workouts:

Considering it’s already Wednesday I’ve already completed a couple workouts but here’s my plan for the rest of the week:

  • Monday: yoga + stretch + ice + foam roll [completed]
  • Tuesday: 60 minutes of running at an easy pace [completed]
  • Wednesday: 3 easy miles + yoga sculpt
  • Thursday: rest + stretch + ice + foam roll
  • Friday: 5 miles of interval training 
  • Saturday: yoga + stretch + ice + foam roll
  • Sunday: 8-9 miles 



Wooo cheers to another week of training- on to the next one!


Your Turn,

What to you listen to while running?

Do you have a favorite playlist on Apple Music?

Do you have a favorite Podcast to listen to while running?

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  • Reply Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy July 28, 2017 at 4:39 am

    I was in Vancouver last summer for the Seawheez – I didn’t run it but was wishing I did. Looks like a fun race!

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