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SeaWheeze Half Marathon Training: Week 5 + Race Goals


Ready or not SeaWheeze 2017 here I come!

I honestly feel like I blinked and 5 weeks of half marathon training went by. While my training didn’t start out the best these past couple weeks have been some of the strongest training weeks I’ve ever had and they’ve given me so much confidence going into this race.

Not only have I had some awesome training weeks I truly do feel like I’ve fallen back in love with running during this training cycle. I love the way running makes my body feel, I love the challenge, I love being able to disconnect from the world, I love having the opportunities to travel to beautiful places for races and so much more.

I also feel like I should acknowledge just how thankful I am to even have the opportunity to be running the SeaWheeze Half. This race sold out in like 2 seconds and I know some people who have tried to snag a spot for 3+ years and have never been successful. How I got so lucky to get a spot my first try I’ll never know. I’m also so thankful my body has stayed healthy enough to run this race. There was definitely a period of time where I thought about cancelling this entire Vancouver trip and transferring my race registration to someone else. BUT, I’m SO GLAD I opted to simply take some time off running to let myself heal and have slowly been able to ease back into running without re-injuring myself.

Enough mushy stuff let’s talk goals!


Views from my “race pace” tempo run last week


SeaWheeze 2017 Half Marathon Goals

Before sitting down to write this post I hadn’t even really had time to sit down and set some goals for SeaWheeze. Shit, I honestly hadn’t even looked at the elevation map for the race, checked what time it starts or anything…OOPS. Thank goodness the course is pretty flat haha.

During my training cycle the longest I ran was 9 miles. Normally, I like to get up to 12 mile before confidently running a half marathon but there simply wasn’t time to build up to that distance before this race. Remember I totally crash trained for this half?

For all my other half marathons my goals have been numbers based but for this one my goal is to simply finish the race without walking (unless I experience some actual pain in my shin/calf).

In addition to finishing I want this to be a smart race. I’ve been known to get totally caught up in the race excitement then push myself too hard resulting in an awesome finish but then I’m DEAD for days after the race. No thanks, I have freakin’ Vancouver to explore and am not trying to spend my vacation napping in my hotel room.



Cheers to an awesome training cycle


Weekly Workouts

The SeaWheeze Half is Saturday August 12th which gives me a few days to do a couple last minute workouts.

I’m heading up to Vancouver with Bryce, my mom and sister on Wednesday morning and we plan to spend that day doing some touristy sight seeing. On Thursday we want to do a hike (may regret that one but YOLO) then Friday is my birthday and the day before the race so I think we may rent bikes, ride around Stanley Park and keep it pretty low key.

Then BAM Saturday is race day! Your better believe that I’ll be visiting some breweries/stuffing my face with awesome Vancouver food to celebrate the race being done and my birthday that night.

Here’s my plan going into this final mini training week:

  • Monday: yoga + stretch + foam roll + ice
  • Tuesday: 4 mile run + yoga
  • Wednesday: travel day + walk around Vancouver
  • Thursday: hike up in Vancouver
  • Friday: bike Stanley Park? or just walk around
  • Saturday: SEAWHEEZE 2017 BABY!
  • Sunday: maybe 1 more (easy) hike before flying home


I can’t even remember the last time I was able to run that fast for 3+ miles in a row


Your Turn

Are you running SeaWheeze this weekend?

Have you ever been to Vancouver?

Do you have any races coming up?



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  • Reply Amanda @ Exploring Life & Things August 8, 2017 at 8:10 am

    I’ve been dyinggg to go to Vancouver! Ahh it just looks so beautiful! Do you know when registration for 2018 is?! I feel like that’s a race I would LOVE to do! Ahh good luck! I can’t wait to see all your recaps, pics, everything:)

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