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Holiday Half Marathon Training: Week 1 + Weekly Workouts

Happy 1st day of October!

There’s always something about a new month that makes me want to sit down, plan and get my life in order anddd that’s exactly what I did today.

Looking at the next few months I’m SO BUSY with travel for work, friends coming into town, football games…etc OH and the holidays.

It’s so easy to use being “busy” as an excuse to not workout. We’re all busy and yet people still find ways to train for half marathons, lift weights or fit in a yoga class. It simply comes down to if it’s important to you or not.

So, to help keep me focused on my health and fitness during these very busy and challenging holiday months I’ve decided to use Kara Goucher’s Half Marathon training plan (again) to train for the San Diego Holiday Half Marathon on December 16th.

Call me crazy trying to balance a pretty rigorous training schedule with work, life, the holidays…etc but I’m up for the challenge and know I’ll thank myself when come December I haven’t lost my motivation to workout/ eat healthy.


Sunday runday spent at Torrey Pines beach!


My Training Plan

I attempted to do Kara Goucher’s Half Marathon training plan earlier this year to chase down a PR at Rock ‘N’ Roll San Diego. However, after running the La Jolla Half Marathon and injuring my calf I had to completely stop running for a few months.

After letting my body heal I crash trained for the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half and shockingly did great buttt after that let my busy schedule get the best of me and until this past week really hadn’t done much running at all.

Long story short…I’m pretty much starting this training cycle in okay shape but nowhere near where I want to be for the Holiday Half.

Kara’s plan is broken down into 2 categories: Plan A (20-30 miles per week) and Plan B (30-50 miles per week). Being realistic I’m going to follow plan A and really keep things low key through this training cycle. I want to focus on doing the workouts as designed and not letting my competitive nature get the best of me.

Here’s a look at the full 10 week program:


Hard to read? Check out the plan HERE


Weekly Workouts

Heading into this first week of training I actually have a pretty mellow work week but then have a good friend coming into town over the weekend.

Since I know I’ll be doing some partying over the weekend I’m going to flex my usual Sunday long run to Saturday and avoid all possibilities of being too hungover to run.

Yep, real life problems over here haha.

  • Monday: stretch + Kara’s core routine
  • Tuesday: 3 easy miles + yoga
  • Wednesday: 3 easy miles + yoga sculpt
  • Thursday: stretch + the “dirty dozen” routine
  • Friday: fartlek run (4-5 miles)
  • Saturday: 6 miles 
  • Sunday: rest

=17 total miles

Yes, I know 17 total miles for the week is super low but it’s so important to me to ease back into training to avoid injuring myself again. Once I’m confident in my ability to handle a higher mileage I’ll push it up more towards 25-30 weekly miles.



Your Turn,

How do you keep yourself motivated to workout during the busy holiday months?

Are you training for any half marathons during the holidays?

Have you ever done Kara Goucher’s half marathon plan?


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