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Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG) Full Review

Happy Friday!

This review is long overdue but I’ve been trying to figure out how to give you all as much information about the Bikini Body Guide program as possible without boring you to death.

So if all you’re interested in is seeing my before and after pics keep scrolling but if you’ve ever considered doing the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) or maybe tried a few workouts but never committed to do the whole program keep reading!

I decided I’m going to break down my full review of Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guide into the following sections:

  • What is the Bikini Body Guide aka BBG?
  • How exactly does the program work?
  • What equipment do you need to do the BBG?
  • Who should do the BBG?
  • What my experience was like.
  • Tips/ Advice I’d give to anybody considering trying this program.

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20 Minute Treadmill Workout + Weekly Workouts + BBG Week 12

20 Minute Treadmill Workout

It was an eventful week of workouts to say the least- the highlight being yesterday’s “run”. San Diego got hit with a huge storm over the weekend, but Sundays are run days and my mom, Bryce and I decided rain or shine we were going to show up to our usual running trails and knock out 8-10 miles.

Orrrrrr not…

We showed up and all the sidewalks in the park were completely flooded. You would have thought this would be a sign to not go run along the river trails. But we decided to try our luck.

It turned out to be a terrible idea. All of the trails were completely flooded and by mile 2 it was raining so hard we had no choice but to turn around and go home. Total fail.


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Weekly Workouts + BBG Week 11

weekly workouts

I swear I’ve had a “half marathon hangover” this whole past week. My body just ached and no matter how much I slept I was still exhausted. The struggle was real.

I took a few very necessary days off to recover and finally today feel ready take on this week of working out- I think it was finally forcing myself to go on a recovery run yesterday to shake out the aches and pains. A very, slow and steady run haha.

weekly workouts

I only have 2 weeks left of the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG)…YAYYYY and am so excited to be able to actually say I finished all 12 weeks and did it the right way.

Another thing I’m very excited about is a book one of my readers recommended to me. It’s called Run Less, Run Faster: Become a Faster, Stronger Runner with the Revolutionary 3-Run-a-Week Training Program and is all about quality of training over quantity. This book even contains a training plan for running a marathon which I need to properly prepare for my first full marathon in June.

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Weekly Workouts + BBG Week 10 (again)

weekly workouts

If you follow me on Instagram you know I finished the Carlsbad Half Marathon at 1:54:23 which is a 3 MINUTE PR & BRYCE FINISHED at 2:08: 00. I’ll be posting my full Carlsbad Half Marathon Race Recap on Wednesday so stay tuned.

Now, if someone would have told me I would PR in this race after the week I had last week I’d never believe them. Work was stressful, I didn’t do a single BBG workout, I didn’t run once, I went out with my coworkers Thursday night and got drunk/ ate crappy bar food followed by a burrito the next day…I was a mess!

I went into this race feeling so unprepared since I had been completely off the week before and had only been running once a week but I truly think all of the strength training I’ve been doing with the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) made the difference. I’ve never felt so strong running and was able to push myself harder than ever before.

Question for my fellow runners…

What is your opinion on strength training paired with half/full marathon training?

I’m convinced only running 2-3 times per week (1 short, 1 medium then 1 long run) with 3 strength workouts in the week is so beneficial.

weekly workouts

Can you spot us? Bryce is the giant shirtless guy with his hand up and I’m in blue and sunglasses right next to him!

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Weekly Workouts + BBG Week 10

weekly workouts

Attention LLEG readers I have some news that will make even the worst Monday better. Right now Victoria’s Secret is doing the most incredible promotion to help us all stick to those new years resolutions. Until the 20th (or supplies last) if you buy a VSX sports bra at regular price you receive a FREE pair of VSX workout pants. FREE!! I’m rocking this sports bra and these awesome pants (the color I got is sold out). Being the skeptic I am I immediately though their exercise line must not be great if they’re giving it away for free but I’ve already done hot yoga and ran 10 miles in these pants and they’re wonderful. GO! And hurry so much of the VSX Sport line is sold out online already.

Now, back to my weekly workouts. This week is an exciting workout week for me because it is officially the week before my first half marathon of 2016. I’ll be doing the Carlsbad Half Marathon on Sunday the 17th with my mom as usual but this isn’t just another half marathon though. It’s very special because my boyfriend, Bryce, is also running this race and it will be his very first half marathon EVER! I watched him go from hardly being able to run a mile to now kicking my butt in training runs. He’s put in so much hard work and I’m thrilled to run this race by his side.

People keep asking me if I’m ready for Carlsbad and the answer is NO! I honestly never quite got a running routine down after the time change (terrible excuse I know). I’ve only been running once a week at a very slow 10 minute mile pace…oops. I’m hoping all the cross training I’ve been doing with the Bikini Body Guide and just the excitement of race day will carry me through this one.

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Happy Monday!

I have a lot of discuss in this Weekly Workouts post so let’s jump right in! As of yesterday I officially completed week 8 of Kayla Itsines’s BBG (only 4 more weeks to go). You can read about weeks 1-4 here.

It’s been an extremely challenging 8 weeks of this program but so far ever single burpee, jump lunge and push up has been worth it. I’ve seen so much progress in my stomach area and can tell I’ve developed a lot more upper body strength in just 8 short weeks.

Taking these progress pictures is hard- I really hate putting my body out on social media but I want to inspire anyone thinking about purchasing Kayla’s guides to do so. The BBG program has been incredible and has transformed my body more than I ever thought was possible. A lot of people think $69.97 for the guide is too expensive but you have to think about how much a personal trainer would cost? $100 a session? DO IT! This is by no means a sponsored post but I just kick myself for waiting so long to try the guides and don’t want you to do the same.

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I hope you all had a safe and wonderful New Years Eve…2016 is going to be a great one I know it! Last night Bryce and I had the most fantastic evening, so fantastic I have to share with you all.

This year I didn’t want New Years Eve to be all about getting wasted, going out the the hottest new club and spending a million dollars. I wanted to do something special and memorable (preferably food related). Bryce and I decided to go to our favorite restaurant in San Diego, CUCINA Urbana, for their 4 course prix fixe menu with a midnight champagne toast and I’m so glad we did!

Since our dinner reservations weren’t until 10:00 pm we went to Mister A’s first for a few cocktails. SO FANCY. I wish I could have gotten a better picture but the patio at Mister A’s gives you the most incredible views of downtown San Diego.

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I hope you all had a very happy holiday weekend, I know I sure did. I also know I ate entirely too much and consumed probably 5 bottles of wine by myself…oops. It’s definitely time to get back on track and end 2015 strong!

Since I was too exhausted Sunday for my normal Weekly Meals post I’m combining that with my Weekly Workouts today! Last weeks workouts kind of got thrown for a loop. I got sick with an awful cold Tuesday and it’s seriously still lingering today…WTF? Sometimes you have to just slow down and listen to your body so I skipped a BBG session and a couple LISS cardio sessions. Though I’m not 100% better I’m feeling much more energized and strong enough to workout so here’s to a great week of working off those Christmas calories.

On a lighter note, I seriously can’t believe I’m already on week 8 of Kayla Itsines’s BBG! ONLY 4 WEEKS TO GO (after I get through this one..HA)! And since I’m finishing week 8 this week that means my next Weekly Workout post will have my newest progress picture. Check out my week 4 progress picture here– honestly I didn’t believe all the before and afters you see online were real but this program truly transforms your body.

Weekly Workouts:

  • Monday: BBG Arms & Abs + LISS #1 (20 min walk at lunch, 15 minute walk on treadmill for BBG warm up)
  • Tuesday: Yoga + LISS #2 (35 minute lunch walk)
  • Wednesday: Yoga + LISS #3 (35 minute lunch walk)
  • Thursday (New Years Eve): BBG Legs & Cardio + LISS #4 (3 mile run)
  • Friday (New Years Day): BBG Abs & Cardio
  • Saturday: Yoga
  • Sunday: Run 12 miles for LISS #5? I know 12 miles isn’t LISS at all but hey “Low Intensity Steady State” cardio is pretty much how I’ve been running these days. According to my new Garmin Forerunner* I averaged a 10:47 mile pace on my run yesterday…uhhh going to need to pick this up with my next half marathon creeping up in less than a month.


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weekly workouts

Working out this time of year is just HARD. It’s too freezing to leave my bed in the morning then too dark and freezing when I get off work at night…the struggle is real. I got pretty close to skipping a few workouts last week but remembered I’m already on week 7 of BBG and at the end of week 8 is another photo check in. UGH! Great timing on that one the week after Christmas.

The highlight of last weeks workouts had to be my run yesterday. It poured rain in San Diego Saturday night so our usual running trails were flooded and muddy Sunday morning. My mom, Bryce and I spent 11 miles dodging puddles and trying not to slip in the mud that was just caking to our shoes with every step. Hey you have to add a little excitement to the monotony of running sometimes. However, trying to get the mud off my shoes before getting into the car was not quite as amusing- as my face clearly shows haha!

weekly workouts

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weekly workouts

Last weeks workouts went great! I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the beginning of the week trying to wrap my head around fitting in all the extra cardio weeks 5-8 of BBG call for but doing these 35 minutes cardio sessions before work or on my lunch break went perfectly. In fact, getting out of the office at lunch for some exercise helped my sanity so much this may become a permanent thing haha.

I really just can’t express enough how much blogging about my weekly workout schedule helps me. It holds me so accountable simply knowing that sharing this may inspire just 1 person to start getting healthy.

Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guide (BBG) gets pretty advanced pretty darn quickly. I’m really struggling using the gym at my apartment to do the guides properly. My gym has basic equipment but does not have multiple benches, medicine balls,  steps…etc so hey I’ve had to be creative. Hence using 2 treadmills instead of 2 benches for sumo squats on leg day.

weekly workouts

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