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Fit Foodie Run Training + 5k GIVEAWAY!

Happy Hump Day!

I have some very very exciting news for you all!

I’ve been given the opportunity to raffle off 2 FREE tickets for the Fit Foodie Run 5k in San Diego on Saturday October 22nd. This is a crazy good deal considering right now registration for the 5k is $55. More info below!

Before I talk more about what you get at the Fit Foodie Run I just want to remind people that you don’t have to run a 5k. If you’d prefer to just walk it and enjoy the complementary food and drinks after the race you are more than welcome to do so!

The whole point is just to get active, have fun and eat delicious food!

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Fit Foodie Run Training Update + Weekly Workouts

fit foodie run

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I had been selected to be an ambassador for the Fit Foodie Run in October. There is a 5k and 10k option and I’ve decided to do the 10k which is 6.2 miles.

If you’ve read my blog for awhile you know I mostly run long distances like half marathons/ marathons so doing a 10k is something very very different for me.

For this race I’m really going to challenge myself to get outside my comfort zone! I know I can run 6.2 miles BUT can I do it fast? Ehhhhhhhh probably not.

Sprints, cut down runs, running at actual “race pace” are very scary concepts for a slow and steady runner like myself.

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The San Diego Triple Crown + Weekly Workouts

triple crown

I’ve talked about running the Triple Crown a lot on my blog lately but realize I haven’t really explained what the heck it is.

So here we go..

The San Diego Triple Crown is a trio of half marathons: The Carlsbad Half Marathon, La Jolla Half Marathon and then America’s Finest City Half Marathon that all must be completed within the same year.

Back in January I ran my fastest half marathon EVER at Carlsbad then in April surprisingly crushed the La Jolla course so I’m officially Triple Crown eligible along with my mom and Bryce.

You don’t really get anything for completing the Triple Crown besides bragging rights and a special medal but hey I figured 2016 was going to be my big year of running so I might as well go big! Plus there’s nothing like having three specific races in the winter, spring and summer you have to train for to keep you moving.

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Let’s talk about compression socks + Weekly Workouts

If you don’t run you probably think compression socks look absolutely ridiculous. But to us runners, THEY’RE A FREAKIN’ LIFESAVER!

Until very recently I had no idea what the point of compression socks was. I thought they were just funky looking socks runners wore during races to dress up a little. Uhhh…1000% wrong!

My love affair with compression socks started last year when my shin splints really started flaring up. I did a ton of research on shin splint/ calf pain relief and almost every single Google search I did recommended trying out compression socks. I finally splurged and bought my first pair and have never looked back.

Ever since I started running in compression socks my shins don’y hurt as much, I have no leg cramping AT ALL, muscle fatigue doesn’t phase me and my recovery time had been cut in half.

So yes, let’s talk about how these incredible socks work!

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10 Ways To Beat The Heat On Long Summer Runs!

It should be illegal for races to be scheduled in the middle of summer. Because training for a half marathon when it’s nearly 100 degrees outside is just not okay.

Yep, here in San Diego there has been an awful heatwave this past week. We’re talking high 90’s, humidity, no breeze…not exactly the best running conditions.

As much as I’ve wanted to skip some runs and go home and blast my AC I know my half marathon is creeping up fast and I need to prepare. So when you have to train, even in the crazy heat what’s a girl to do?

The answer is to RUN SMART! Something as simple as slowing your pace and wearing light colored clothing really can make a world of difference on a very hot day. So without any further ado let’s discuss 10 ways to beat the heat while running…

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A Little Running Update + Weekly Workouts

Exactly 1 month ago today I ran the Rock ‘N’ Roll Seattle Marathon aka my first full marathon! I’m reallu only now feeling like my body is recovered and ready for some running again.

I knew running a marathon would be challenging but never in a million years did I think I’d feel the effects from running 26.2 miles for an entire month. The first couple weeks my body was in shock going from VERY intense training to doing nothing. I experienced extreme hunger related panic attacks, almost pulling a muscle in gentle yoga, not being able to run 1 mile and just overall fatigue no amount of sleep could help.

Buttttt that’s a blog post for another day and if any of you are interested in hearing more about my post marathon struggles shoot me an email.

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Rock ‘N’ Roll Seattle Marathon Goals

You all are probably so sick of hearing me talk about the Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon and guess what?!?! In 6 days I’ll hopefully be able to call myself a marathoner and we won’t have to talk running and training on the blog for awhile. Deal?

Over the past 4 months I’ve dedicated 100% of my effort towards training for this race. I’ve skipped happy hours, birthday parties, dinners out, my favorite fitness classes, lazy Sunday mornings and so much more. Here’s hoping it all pays off and I have a great race haha!

Can you tell I’ve missed booze…what I’d do for a huge glass of merlot right now while I watch Game Of Thrones mmmmmmm!

Anyway, I’m SO EXCITED to run this race! I’ve gone from extreme anxiety, to having nightmares to finally being excited to push myself farther than I’ve ever ran in this race.

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6 Common Tapering Mistakes To Avoid + A Marathon Training Update

As most of you know I’m running my first full marathon in less than 2 weeks. AHHHHHH!

The training I’ve done has been extremely intense and to say my body is exhausted would be an understatement. My legs ache, I’ve been passing out at 8:00 pm, my shin splints have been acting up…basically I’m a hot mess!

I think most people at the end of an intense training plan feel this way. Whether you’ve been training for your first 5k, half marathon or full marathon it’s incredibly draining which is why tapering is so important to let your body recover for race day!

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June Marathon Training Schedule AKA My Last Month Of Training!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! 

I hope all you amazing Live Lean Eat Green readers have had a wonderful weekend so far. I know I sure have.

I’ve really taken advantage of the extra time this weekend to get my life organized. So far I’ve cleaned out my entire closet and seriously have 4 HUGE bags of clothes to donate to Goodwill, scrubbed my whole apartment and just finished organizing my kitchen OH YEAH and fit in some laying by the pool and a freakin 22 mile run yesterday!

Yep, it’s been a VERY productive weekend!

So about this 22 miles… I officially finished my last long run of my marathon training yesterday WOOOO!!! I originally had a goal to hit 24 miles before my marathon but found the recovery time after these long runs just takes too long and I think weekly mileage is equally as important as the mileage of a single run. But who knows?

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My 5 Favorite Places To Run In San Diego + Marathon Training Update

One of my favorite things about running is getting to discover new locations within your city that you would not have otherwise found.

Over this past year I have ran all over San Diego and have found some great places to run and some not so great places to run.

I’m a huge believer in having a variety of places to run so you don’t get bored running the same route over and over and over again.

You have to keep your workouts fun, new and exciting so you don’t get burnt out and quit before reaching your goal.

Here are my 5 favorite places to run in San Diego…who knows maybe all you need to reignite that running passion is a new place to run?

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