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Friday Favorites

We made it to Friday YAY! Is it just me or was that the longest 4 day work week ever? Maybe it’s just me and that’s why I’m extra excited to present my first “Friday Favorites” post- something new that I’ll be doing monthly.

I’m so guilty of visiting 985945 different blogs a day, Pinning their amazing recipes then never actually following through on making anything…oops!

So this week I decided to change that! I know fellow bloggers put so much hard work and effort into creating delicious recipes to share with their readers and so I decided to actually follow through and try some out! Today I’m sharing 2 of my favorite recipes I made this week and my new favorite workout pants.

Friday Favorites:

New favorite breakfast: 3 Ingredient Pancakes by The Skinny Confidential


I’ve been in a serious breakfast rut and discovering these pancakes has given me a whole new reason to wake up in the morning! These pancakes are SO EASY to make and I was shocked how flavorful they were.

All you need is 1 banana, 2-3 eggs and 1 Tbsp of chia seeds- THAT’S IT! The complete recipe is on The Skinny Confidential.

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Happy Christmas Eve LLEG readers!

I am a HUGE believer in taking time away from technology to spend with family and friends…especially around the holiday season. That being said, this will be my last post until Sunday afternoon where I will resume doing my Weekly Meals post.

Anyway, if I’m going to be taking a little blog vacation I had to leave you all with 1 more amazing recipe for Christmas morning. My family makes this Upside-Down Cranberry Breakfast Cake every single year for Christmas morning (along with Sausage Balls). The original recipe calls for a TON of sugar because it’s suppose to be a dessert- so we modify it and cut out HALF the sugar to make it not only healthier but more appropriate for breakfast.

cranberry cake

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2 words: Sausage Balls!

sausage balls

But first let’s discuss my Weekly Meals. The week before Christmas……..boy would I prefer to not cook a single thing. I’m feeling so lazy and uninspired with my meals this week. There simply are not enough hours in the day to get everything done for Christmas and I think my bank account has officially gone to $0. When I was planning my meals I seriously went through everything in my refrigerator and cupboard to see what ingredients I had on hand to make this the cheapest week of meals possible.

SUCCESS! I found leftover lentils, a jar of salsa, a can of beans and realized I still had 3 packs of chicken thighs from last week. My Weekly Meals this week are very similar to last weeks but hey I still had some ingredients and they’re easy and delicious when there simply isn’t time for anything else.

Honestly, I can’t stress enough just how important it is to eat healthy leading into a holiday. It’s so easy to be lazy and say screw it we’ll order pizza Sunday, get Thai Monday, get tacos Tuesday, get burgers Wednesday then oops it’s Christmas and we’re going to devour cookies, egg nog and ham until we’re sick.

holiDAY– NOT holiWEEK or holiMONTH!

weekly meals

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cranberry pumpkin breakfast cookie

In my opinion breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Think about it, you don’t eat for hours after dinner or while you sleep so when you wake up your body is still in that fasted state. How do you “break the fast”? Break-fast…see what I did there? Eating breakfast is so important to jump start your metabolism and get your body ready to start burning calories all day long. With this recipe for cranberry pumpkin breakfast cookies you’ll never skip breakfast again, even on the busiest of mornings.

Now, lets be honest. In a perfect world I would wake up at 9:00 am drink a couple cups of coffee, then my green detox drink, then whip up a feast for breakfast. I’m talking a feast of omelets, bacon, pancakes, sausage you name it…I LOVE breakfast. Unfortunately, most mornings I can barley spread peanut butter on a half toasted piece of bread before running out the door.

cranberry pumpkin breakfast cookies

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I am not a morning person so there are very few things that I look forward to getting out of bed for.

One is a great cup of coffee and the other is this Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake.

This shake is so easy to whip together and is extremely filling. Plus pumpkin has some pretty incredible health benefits just to to name a few:

  • High in fiber to help keep you fuller longer without having to consume extra calories
  • High in Vitamin C to help ward off cold/ flu this time of year
  • High in Vitamin A to help keep your eyesight strong
  • Contains an amino acid called tryptophan that has been linked to improving stress management…YES PLEASE!

Enjoy and be on the lookout for my week of Thanksgiving side dishes coming up!

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green detox drink

We’ve all had those weekends where we may have had a few too many glasses of wine, gave into an ice cream craving or had 100 slices of pizza. Come Monday you feel puffy, bloated, sluggish and SO READY to start detoxing and “getting your diet back on track”…sound familiar? This Green Detox Drink will help cleanse your body and get you back on track whether it’s Monday morning or mid-week.

Detoxifying benefits of the Green Detox Drink:

  • Ginger- Helps stimulate digestion and total body circulation. It cleanses the buildup of toxins and waste in your liver, color and other major organs.
  • Parsley- Increases the productivity of liver enzymes to detoxify the body and is especially useful for removing heavy metals. In addition, it acts as a diuretic cleansing your blood and kidneys.
  • Spinach- Aids with digestion due to its high fiber content and provides powerful antioxidants.
  • Romaine lettuce- This surprising superfood helps prevent plaque buildup on your arteries and regulates blood pressure.
  • Mango- Helps this drink not taste like crap. Just kidding, they are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants for overall health.

GDD - Copy

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