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One Meal Two Ways: Burger Night!

Last week I introduced a 3 part mini series called One Meal Two Ways!

The point of this series is to help those of you who are trying to eat healthy when nobody else in your household is! Because nothing is worse than making 100 different meals after a long day at work.

In case you missed last week I did spaghetti/ zoodles with turkey mushroom meat sauce and this week we’re cooking BURGERS! 

But we’re not cooking just regular burgers…we’re making Skinnytaste’s incredible Turkey Burgers with Zucchini that I’ve slightly modified into the juiciest, most delicious burgers ever.

Tip: Don’t even tell the picky eaters in your house that there is zucchini in the burgers…they won’t even notice.

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One Meal Two Ways- Eating Healthy While Satisfying Everyone Else

Once upon a time I worked as a weight loss counselor at Medifast Weight Control Centers. My job was to help clients stick to an extremely strict diet until they got down to their goal weight.

People never really complained that they didn’t get carbs, or that the meal replacements tasted bad or about anything really expect having to cook something specifically for them and something completely different for their families.

I didn’t really understand their struggle at the time since I was single and living with roommates. I made what I wanted to eat and that was that.

Fast forward to now. I live with my boyfriend and let’s just say he’s not one to be okay with eating zucchini noodles and tofu every night for dinner…I wish.

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30 Healthy Meals Made In 30 Minutes Or Less!

30 healthy meals made in 30 minutes or less!

Hello, hello, hello!

I’m so excited to share this post with you all!

As much as I love to write about running, my races, my favorite products…etc I also want to be sure I’m providing you all with valuable content!

I recently posted a status on my personal Facebook asking what topics people wanted to see more of on my blog and had an overwhelming amount of people say they needed quick, easy and healthy dinner ideas.

Well…your wish is my command!

So to get as many different ideas as possible I reached out to some of my fellow bloggers and came up with a HUGE roundup of 30 Healthy Meals Made In 30 Minutes Or Less! This roundup includes everything from chicken enchiladas to vegan mac and cheese so enjoy!

And now that you have no excuse not to eat healthy for like an entire month…GET COOKING!

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DIY Trader Joe’s Balela Salad + Weekly Meals

Lunch is one of the most challenging meals of the entire day.

People tend to either skip it all together, settle for grabbing some fast food or make their own lunch.

Now let’s be honest here…most people don’t make their own lunches on a daily basis.


Because it’s hard to come up with ideas! Plus, who wants to cook in the middle of the day or has their crap together enough the night before to cook something?

I sure don’t!

Meal prepping on Sunday’s is crucial for me to eat healthy throughout the week and has been especially important lately since I have marathon training, a full time job, my blog and still need a little personal time in there.

So when I discovered Trader Joe’s Balela Salad a couple weeks ago I was instantly obsessed with how easy it was to bring a bag of mixed greens and a container of Balela Salad to work to toss together for the world’s easiest lunch ever.

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Artichoke & Goat Cheese Naan With Green Olive Tapenade + Weekly Meals

Good morning & happy Sunday!

I’m about to head out to my longest run yet for marathon training but HAD to share this recipe with you all first.

Naan, goat cheese, green olive tapenade & artichokes…does it really get any better than that?

Actually, it does because you can get everything from Trader Joe’s and whip this delicious meal or appetizer up in 10 minutes.

You may be asking what Naan is. Naan is an oven baked flat bread that normally is eaten soft but is even more delicious crisped up for a pizza variation.

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Lemon Pepper Cod

Lemon Pepper Cod

How many of you enjoy slaving away in the kitchen after a long day of work?

Nobody? …That’s what I thought!

Dinner can be a very challenging meal for people for many reasons; they’re tired, there’s no food in the house, they don’t know what the heck to make so they end up getting takeout or resorting to a frozen meal. 

…Not exactly an ideal situation.

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Weekly Meals

greek polenta

Last week I discovered my new favorite easy weeknight dinner- Greek Polenta!

Kellen at A Cup of Kellen posted this Greek Polenta recipe (pictured) and you guys…IT’S AMAZING!!! There are so many bold, delicious flavors in this meal your taste buds will be excited by every single bite.

I was really intimidated to try cooking polenta but good old Trader Joe’s makes it so easy with their Organic Polenta. It’s already cooked so all you have to do it heat it in a skillet for a few minutes on each side.


Image via TraderJoe’s.com

This meal took maybe 10 minutes to throw together and tastes like you were slaving in the kitchen for hours. I served my Greek Polenta over a big plate of baby kale and to help fill Bryce up heated up some sun-dried tomato sausages…YUM!

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Weekly Meals + Spiralized Veggie Inspiration



I love love love the Super Bowl. It honestly feels like a holiday- everyone get’s together and eats, drinks and watches the game…what’s better than that?

In case you still have no idea what to bring to your Super Bowl party take a look at my Super Easy Super Bowl Snacks post. These are all 2-4 ingredients and everything can be found super easily at Trader Joe’s.

Now let’s fast forward post Super Bowl. I know I always think of this weekend as a “cheat weekend” then come Monday it’s time to get back on track for the 983759345th time.

So the theme of my Weekly Meals this week is going to be light dinners to help get you back on track post Super Bowl.

The best way to rest your body is to drink a ton of water, decrease your sodium intake and really up the veggies and protein in your diet. My favorite way to increase veggies in my diet is SPIRALIZE them into noodles. Yep,  veggie noodles!

I’m obsessed with this Spiralizer you can get on Amazon for only about $25. It honestly is one of the best kitchen gadgets you can own.

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Weekly Meals- January 17th + A great tip to help you start eating healthier!

weekly meals

Happy Sunday!

This is going to be a short & sweet little Weekly Meals post I’m writing before heading out to run the Carlsbad half marathon. In true psycho, OCD fashion I did my shopping/ meal planning a day in advance so after the race I can relax, enjoy and take a nap haha.

Pictured is one of my all time favorite dinners, PaleOMG’s “Almost 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie” that I made last week. Funny story, Bryce’s brother and his friend are in town and got to our house STARVING! Neither one of them had any idea what a spaghetti squash even was much less what it tasted like and devoured this dish. My whole casserole dish was empty in 30 seconds! This recipe can seriously make anyone a fan of eating healthy- it’s a must try!!!!

weekly meals

This week I’ve been talking with a ton of people who want to eat healthier but have no idea where to start. My advice is always PLAN! Simply writing down your weekly schedule and figuring out which nights you can cook and can’t cook is a great place to start!

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Weekly Meals- January 10th

Sorry I’m getting this post out so late but these playoff football games have been INTENSE! I’m a huge football fan (RIP Chargers) and I have seriously watched every minute of every game this weekend screaming my head off at the tv.

I finally have 20 minutes during half time of the Redskins v. Packers game to plan some meals for the week- HA!

Just in case you’re drooling over that Buffalo Chicken Casserole picture from last weeks Weekly Meals. You can get the recipe here and can get my red Le Creuset dutch oven here– Honestly if you don’t own a dutch oven GET ONE! They’re an investment but the most versatile kitchen item you can own. I do everything in this pot: pasta, meats, chili, soups…etc and am obsessed if you couldn’t tell.

So this week is going to be a little different. I am running my first half marathon of 2016 next Sunday so I’m upping my carb intake this week. I don’t believe carb loading the night before a race does anything but put you into a food coma so I usually just add a little bit of extra carbs throughout the week to start saving up some amazing energy for the weekend- god knows I’m going to need it.

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