Friday Favorites

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Friday Favorites: My Favorite Frozen Foods


When I go grocery shopping I typically try to avoid the frozen section…mostly because I have 0 self control and if ice cream or frozen pizza is on sale there’s a pretty good chance it’s ending up in my cart.

BUT there are some a frozen products that I love and that are actually pretty darn healthy.

So for this edition of “Friday Favorites” I wanted to share some of my favorite freezer finds and would love to know from you all what frozen products you’ve been loving.

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

friday favorites

I’m currently writing this post DROOLING watching the Top Chef finale on Bravo.

How on earth do these people think of such incredible dishes? I can hardly think about what I want to eat for dinner.

Anyway…it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Friday Favorites post and this one is going to be a little bit random but whatever. I promise for the next round I’m going to have some really good stuff to tell you all about. I’m already obsessing over Trader Joe’s new red lentil pasta and everything bagel seasoning- SO GOOD! 

Enjoy and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Friday Favorites

My Favorite Podcasts


If you haven’t started listening to Podcasts it’s time to get on board!

I became completely obsessed with Podcasts when I was training for the Triple Crown and my marathon last year.

I was running so much that my running playlist got old reallllly quickly and I was not about to run for 2+ hours at a time in silence…NO THANKS! Enter: Podcasts! There’s something magical about finding a podcast you love…time goes by faster and dare I say it activities that you normally dread like working out or your morning commute all of a sudden become a lot more enjoyable.

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Holiday Gift Ideas For $25 Or LESS!

Christmas is in 19 days…are you freaking out yet?

For once in my life I’m actually VERY calm.

The past few years I’ve ended up spending hundreds of dollars buying everyone in my family gifts, gifts for holiday parties, gifts for work events, gifts for friends, gifts for fitness instructors…etc but this year I’m really trying to make the holidays as affordable (but still enjoyable) as possible. 

To do that my family and I are doing a “Secret Santa” exchange so I only have to buy 1 nice gift…WIN! My friends and I are not doing gifts and instead are doing “experiences” like meeting up for wine tasting or happy hours…WIN! And for everyone else I’ve picked out 5 gifts (under $25) that I personally own and am OBSESSED with that I think everyone else would enjoy too.

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Friday Favorites

Hey Hey Hey!

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week…uhhhh where did the time go?

Last year I made a ton of fun Thanksgiving recipes for the blog and I’m sorry guys but the holidays kind of snuck up on me this year…ooops! Don’t worry though I do have one fun Thanksgiving appetizer to share next week that is so delicious and literally takes 2 minutes to throw together. 

Stay tuned!

Today I figured it had been awhile since I’d done a Friday Favorites post and I have discovered some pretty amazing products over the past month. These aren’t just products I’ve had once and liked…these are products that since I’ve tried them they have become weekly necessitates when going to the grocery store…sorry wallet.

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Friday Favorites


September has been a crazy month for me. It started with celebrating my dad’s birthday at the Ballast Point beer festival, then my friends at I went to the KAA BOO music festival in Del Mar, then I went out to the Colorado River with my family and tomorrow I have one last event…CRSSD music festival downtown San Diego. 

I’m exhausted just typing all that.

With all that going on I have not had much time for blogging and you know what it’s felt great to kind of disconnect, relax and really enjoy myself. BUT after this weekend it’s back to creating content and bringing you all value in every single post.

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Friday Favorites

friday favorites

Happy Friday everyone!

I apologize for my lack of blogging the past couple weeks. Life got kind of crazy celebrating my birthday then running my half marathon last weekend.

So since I haven’t had the time to create any new recipes or anything I figured what better time than now to do a little Friday Favorites post.

For the record, this post is not sponsored..these are just products that I am currently obsessed with/ couldn’t live without/ all happen to be food related…shocker.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I know I’m really looking forward to doing yoga downtown San Diego Saturday morning at the Hard Rock Hotel then RELAXING and working on some new blog content for you all!

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Friday Favorites

My Favorite Fitness Finds From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

nordstrom sale

I’m going to be very honest…I got a little distracted trying to write the post that was really suppose to be live today.


All it took was one email about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I swear the next 3 hours were gone! 

Normally I never get hyped up about sales but when I saw that tons of my favorite fitness gear was close to 50% off I knew I had to splurge a little.

So I may not have a healthy food/lifestyle post today but I figured sharing some of my favorite fitness finds from the Nordstrom sale would have to do. Plus, what better motivation to get active this weekend than some new workout clothes right?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale officially begins today so get shopping before everything sells out!

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Friday Favorites: Halo Top


What? Healthy and ice cream are not usually words associated with each other…until now! 

My friend Harvey recommended Halo Top Creamery’s “healthy ice cream” to me awhile ago but I could never find it in my usual grocery stores so I kind of forgot about it. Until last week when I got that sudden craving for ice cream but didn’t want to totally mess up my diet.

In this oh so very familiar dilemma I finally got motivated to get on Halo Top’s website to see where I could get my hands on some.

I was VERY skeptical about Halo Top. Healthy ice cream immediately just makes me think of Arctic Zero products which aren’t bad but sure as hell are not ice cream. They have a super icy texture and fake flavor that just isn’t for me.

I mean…if it’s not actually going to taste like ice cream then I’d rather not!

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