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Why Rest Days Are So Important

rest day

Most people look for any excuse NOT to workout.

Me, I go through my day trying to find any excuse TO workout and sometimes even how I can workout twice.

Which mentality is better? The answer is neither!

A couple weeks ago I was talking with a friend about our current exercise routines. We both work out 6x/ week admittedly to almost an obsessive level where we feel guilty taking days off fearing that it will hinder our progress. 

Are we crazy? Yes, probably!

Is skipping 1 workout to go to happy hour with friends really going to make you gain 10 lbs? Absolutely not!

In fact sometimes taking a rest day can be more beneficial than forcing a workout! Rest days are so important to allow your body to recover and build itself back stronger than ever! Skipping necessary rest days can actually lead to very harmful side effects and dramatically increases your risk for developing an injury!

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7 Tips For Surviving Your First Hot Yoga Class!

hot yoga

Hot yoga can be a hot mess if you’re not prepared!

I’ll never ever EVER forget my first time trying hot yoga. I had a Groupon to try hot yoga that was about to expire and figured I might as well try it figuring it couldn’t be that different from the yoga classes I had been taking at 24 Hour Fitness. 

I showed up in baggy cotton sweat pants, a t-shirt, no water, no towel, a cheap $5 mat from Target 10 minutes before class started and it all went downhill from there.

Within minutes I was dripping in sweat, my clothes were soaked, I was slipping all over my mat and started panicking because of the intense heat. I vividly remember getting to the point where I thought I was going to pass out so I ran out in the middle of the class and laid on the cold tile floor in the bathroom to cool off. 

I stayed in the bathroom until class was over, got my mat and didn’t go back for months! 

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What To Eat Before A Run

I get asked constantly what to eat just before a run. This is actually a very difficult question to answer because everyone is so different.

I know people who prefer to run on an empty stomach and those who like to eat minutes before a run. If you’re an eater the general recommendation is to eat something high in carbohydrates and moderate in fat, protein and fiber about 1-1.5 hrs before a run. The reason behind this is to provide your body with carbohydrates for energy and to avoid foods that may cause gastrointestinal distress.

…We’ve all had those fun unexpected bathroom trips mid run right?

What you eat before a run also depends on how long/ far you are planning on running. I think if you are going to be running for 60 minutes or less you really don’t need to eat anything before you run but if you’re going to be doing a long run your body will definitely needs some fuel.

Remember this too varies from person to person. I need food to even run 1 mile and my boyfriend runs half marathons without eating anything.

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Shin Splints 101

Shin Splints…2 of the most dreaded words in a runners vocabulary.

Shin splints are one of the most common injuries for runners, especially new runners.

I’ve personally struggled with shin splints for my entire running career and recently they’ve been flaring up again. I’ve been really taking extra precautions to be sure my shin splints heal up quickly and don’t throw off my marathon training.

Since shin splints are SO COMMON I wanted to do a little Shin Splint 101 with you amazing Live Lean Eat Green readers. Most people don’t pay any attention to their shins until….they hurt. So lets be extra careful and preserve those legs! Deal?

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Advice For Your 1st Half Marathon From 8 Experienced Runners

I want to thank all of the incredible people who helped contribute to this post. Your advice is so valuable and I have learned so much just putting this post together. THANK YOU!

You can spend 984759845 hours on Google looking up advice on running a half marathon but there is no better advice than that of REAL people.

People who are balancing a family, kids, a full time job, injuries, distractions, friendships, relationships, to drink that beer or not to drink that beer….etc!

For this post I asked 8 fellow runners for 1 piece of advice they’d give to someone running their first half marathon.

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8 Running Tips For Beginners + Weekly Workouts

My goal for this blog is to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle.

Some of you may be bored to death of my marathon training updates but I hope that I’ve maybe inspired just one other person to start running.

Starting to run is very challenging. It takes a ton of patience, time and dedication but is one of the most rewarding things ever.

There is such a sense of accomplishment that running an entire mile for the first time or crossing the finish line at your first race can bring. I’ve found that I channel that sense of accomplishment into all areas of my life and overall running and challenging myself on a weekly basis has made me such a better person.

If you’ve ever wanted to start running but didn’t know where to begin keep reading. Here are 8 tips to help you start running and STAY RUNNING!

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Simply Burn 100 Calories With Chobani


At the first of the month I always like to evaluate my goals;

  • Am I where I need to be for marathon training?
  • Have I let my diet slip?
  • Have I been spending too much money?

Those are the 3 big things I’m personally reflecting on going into April. I’m doing well on my marathon training and saving money for upcoming vacations but my diet….that’s a totally different story.

I have completely let my diet slip by creating this bad habit of having sweets after both lunch and dinner. I’m at the point where if I don’t have sugar after a meal I get a headache and just don’t feel satisfied.

But enough complaining, it’s officially time to quit binging on M&M’s and Udi’s cookies and Spring Clean my diet.


Today I’m partnering with Chobani Simply 100 for their project on staying healthy throughout the day. The Chobani Simply 100 line has recently come out with new flavors and has created the first and only 100 calorie greek yogurt with crunchy, natural goodies on the side. 

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5 Running Mistakes To Avoid + Weekly Workouts

My first FULL marathon is in 12 weeks..AHHH!

Training is going very well overall, but last week was a tough one.

You would think after running 3 half marathons I’d have enough running knowledge not to be making rookie training mistakes anymore.

However, last week I made 5 HUGE mistakes and learned some very difficult training lessons.

Here are the 5 hard running lessons I learned last week:

  1. Listen to your body
  2. Invest in new shoes before you start getting pains
  3. Traveling (to Vegas) and training don’t mix
  4. Always clip your toe nails before a  run
  5. Eat to run, don’t run to eat

Now, let’s elaborate on these a little bit more…

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Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG) Full Review

Happy Friday!

This review is long overdue but I’ve been trying to figure out how to give you all as much information about the Bikini Body Guide¬†program as possible without boring you to death.

So if all you’re interested in is seeing my before and after pics keep scrolling but if you’ve ever considered doing the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) or maybe tried a few workouts but never committed to do the whole program keep reading!

I decided I’m going to break down my full review of Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guide into the following sections:

  • What is the Bikini Body Guide aka BBG?
  • How exactly does the program work?
  • What equipment do you need to do the BBG?
  • Who should do the BBG?
  • What my experience was like.
  • Tips/ Advice I’d give to anybody considering trying this program.

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How To Train For A Hilly Race + Weekly Workouts

Have you ever worked out so hard that you couldn’t¬†walk the next day?

That’s me right now. I seriously can’t walk…it’s more of a waddle ha! I’ve really been focusing on working out my legs both in the gym and by hill training.

Why you ask?

My next 2 races are EXTREMELY HILLY! I have the Hot Chocolate 15k on March 20th then the La Jolla Half Marathon on April 24th.

Seriously anybody running either of these races needs to really pay attention to this post.

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