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Restaurant Reviews, San Diego Spotlight

Fireside by The Patio

Last Friday I introduced the San Diego Spotlight section on my blog where we talked all about Liberty Station. This week I wanted to stay on the Liberty Station theme and highlight a delicious restaurant that recently opened in the area, Fireside by The Patio. Yep, the same people who do The Patio on Lamont and The Patio on Goldfinch.

Fireside features grilled and wood-fired menu options inspired by the flavors of Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Japan and Thailand. 

There are some vegetarian options on the menu but honestly, if you don’t eat meat this probably isn’t the restaurant for you. The menu is primarily made up of delicious yakitori, pork ribs, steak, bratwursts, burgers, flatbreads…etc. 

Grab your favorite meat eating friends and let’s get into this review.

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San Diego Spotlight: Liberty Station

I’m so excited to introduce a new series I’ll be doing on the blog called the San Diego Spotlight. It’s going to be all things San Diego: restaurant reviews, must see attractions, hiking recommendations, upcoming events…etc! Even if you don’t live in San Diego…tuck some of these ideas away if you ever come visit.

To kick things off, the spotlight is on Liberty Station! 

Fun fact…Liberty Station use to be a naval training center! But in recent years this historic part of Point Loma has been transformed into a hot spot for delicious food, craft beer, arts, music, events, history and breathtaking views of downtown San Diego.

There are about 10 million things to do down at Liberty Station and they don’t have to be done all at once but here’s my recommendation for how to spend a day at Liberty Station.

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Restaurant Reviews, San Diego Spotlight

Resturant Review: Café Gratitude

I am grateful… That this restaurant exists in San Diego.

I am grateful… That I finally went to try it (I was skeptical).

I am grateful… That I have a whole new appreciation for vegan restaurants.

Café Gratitude is a 100% organic plant based vegan restaurant in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood. I am by no means vegan but I do appreciate high quality, local and sustainable produce used in resturants. This new restaurant caught my attention a few months ago when I overheard two women raving about it after a yoga class…I immediately went home to research and was intrigued.

A very helpful tip, LOOK AT THE MENU BEFORE YOU GO! There are so many unique combinations of ingredients on the menu and every single one of them sounds delicious. Don’t be like me and take 30 minutes to make up my mind of what I wanted.

All of the items on the menu are named using powerful reaffirming words: fabulous, inspired, dazzling, happy, extraordinary…etc. To order you say “I am…fabulous” and your server will repeat it back to you “YOU are fabulous”. DUH! The ordering is a little too much for me but I love the concept of positivity and mental health along with healthy food.

But is there booze? YES!!! And that’s exactly where my experience at Café Gratitude began.

Café Gratitude

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