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Running Update + The Training Plan I’m Using To (Hopefully) Get A Half Marathon PR

I have so much running related stuff to update you all on so we’re just going to jump right into this post okay?

In 2016 I ran all my races with 1 goal in mind: finish without dying. This year I’m a lot more comfortable with my running abilities and after last weekend’s Hot Chocolate 15k I’m feeling more confident than ever that I can chase down a half marathon PR!

My next half marathon is the La Jolla Half in just a couple of weeks. I’m not in shape enough to PR on that course especially with all the crazy hills. So the race I’m really training and working towards is the San Diego Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon on June 4th.

My current half marathon PR is 1:54:23 which is pretty freakin fast! For Rock ‘N’ Roll I’m not looking to just shave a minute or two off this time I’m looking to CRUSH IT and work towards a 1:45:00. This would require me to run about an 8 minute mile for the entire race and considering my average pace on today’s 12 mile trail run was 10:30/ mile I’ve got A LOT of work to do.

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Let’s talk about compression socks + Weekly Workouts

If you don’t run you probably think compression socks look absolutely ridiculous. But to us runners, THEY’RE A FREAKIN’ LIFESAVER!

Until very recently I had no idea what the point of compression socks was. I thought they were just funky looking socks runners wore during races to dress up a little. Uhhh…1000% wrong!

My love affair with compression socks started last year when my shin splints really started flaring up. I did a ton of research on shin splint/ calf pain relief and almost every single Google search I did recommended trying out compression socks. I finally splurged and bought my first pair and have never looked back.

Ever since I started running in compression socks my shins don’y hurt as much, I have no leg cramping AT ALL, muscle fatigue doesn’t phase me and my recovery time had been cut in half.

So yes, let’s talk about how these incredible socks work!

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Celebration Run San Diego

I’m so excited to be running the Celebration Run Sunday November 1st (yes, the MORNING after Halloween…7am to be exact). This race is all about celebrating something positive in your life whether you are celebrating a promotion, an engagement, family…etc WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE! So if you feel motivated to celebrate you can still register for either the half or 10k here:

This will only be my second half marathon and after having such a positive experience doing the Rock and Roll Half here in San Diego I knew I had to keep pursuing this sport. There really is nothing more rewarding than training and pushing yourself to new levels to reach goals like completing a HALF MARATHON!

Running this race was kind of a last minute decision but I really wanted to get back into shape before my real training for the 2016 Triple Crown begins. Normally I’d like to allow 3 months to train but hey sometimes when you’re feeling motivated to do something you just have to jump in and do it!

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