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Healthy Snacks I Always Have In My Bag While Traveling

healthy snacks

I never leave my house without snacks and water.

You just never know what is going to happen and if I don’t have food with me well…let’s just say I turn into a monster.

So as I gear up for my trip for San Francisco this weekend I wanted to share with you all the snacks I always have with me and DEFINITELY have with me when I travel since I really can’t think of anything worse than getting hungry on a flight and being forced to eat that tiny, nasty, salty pack of nuts or if your flight gets delayed and there are no healthy food options. 

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Healthy Spinach And Artichoke Dip

spinach artichoke dip

I love when you have such a good weekend that you actually start Monday feeling refreshed and ready to attack the week!

Just to fill you all in…

My weekend was filled with hot yoga, an 8 mile run and TONS of football–and with all that football comes a lot of snacking!

While we’re on the subject of football… AJHKJHJKEHTJKHTKN SAN DIEGO CHARGERS?!?! It’s a true talent for a team to find a new, heartbreaking, creative way to lose a game every single week.

So yes San Diego Chargers, I blame you for giving me game day stress causing me to snack a little too much…oops!

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3 Ingredient Avocado Pudding

avocado pudding

Avocado lovers…boy do I have a treat for you today!

After seeing avocado pudding recipes all over social media and even on the Kardashian’s I knew I had to try it myself to see if it really lived up to the hype!

Well spoiler alter…IT’S DELICIOUS and so incredibly easy to make!!!!!

Avocado pudding is meat to be a healthy, filling breakfast but I have loved having it as a snack too. Actually I’m currently sitting on my couch watching NFL Red Zone eating avocado pudding as dinner cooks in my crockpot. Holy hell am I 90 years old?

Quick football tangent…How on earth did the Chargers lose that game?!?! I’m still upset! Maybe I’ll have another bowl of avocado pudding to make it better—-yep!

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Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Bites

frozen yogurt blueberry bites

You know when you come home and are so starving you’re ready to tear your house apart until you find something delicious to munch on?

Yep, that’s me every single day when I get home from work.

The problem is I don’t go for the healthy stuff. When I’m that hungry there is just no way I’m taking 10 seconds to cut up a cucumber to dip in hummus when there is a big bag of chips in the cupboard. So having easy, healthy, ready to go snacks that actually taste good around my house is crucial.


Cue one of my all time favorite snacks…

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Bites!!

These are so easy to make and are perfect for when you get home and just need to put something into your mouth.

All you need is blueberries and your favorite Greek yogurt!

blueberry frozen yogurt bites

For this batch I used Strawberry Chobani Simply 100 but you can use any brand and any flavor.

By visiting the Chobani Simply 100 page you can get a $1 off coupon and learn even more about the brand.

To make these you simply do the following:

  1. wash your blueberries
  2. put the blueberries into the yogurt then using a fork take them out of the yogurt letting some of it come off and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper
  3. Freeze for at least 2 hours (I freeze them overnight) and enjoy!



To store these Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Bites just put them into a Tupperware and pop them back into the freezer so they’re available for you to devour next time you come home starving to death.


Need another reason to make this delicious snack this weekend? Let’s talk about the incredible health benefits blueberries provide:

Health Benefits of Blueberries:

  • They are very high in antioxidants
  • Help improve brain health- improving memory and preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s
  • They are an effective antidepressant and help control mood swings
  • Low in fat and calories but high in fiber to help with digestion and weight loss
  • Help fight against cancer
  • Improve skin health and fights the signs of aging


Your Turn,

Do you enjoy snacking on frozen fruit?

What’s your favorite brand of Greek yogurt?

Any fun plans this weekend?


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healthy snacks

This post was inspired by my good friend Melissa who recently reached out to me needing some “EASY, HEALTHY snack ideas for LAZY people.”

In a perfect would we would all have the time to spend hours playing Top Chef in our kitchens whipping up gourmet meals 24/7. However, normally that is not the case. It’s more like let me struggle to spread some peanut butter on some bread and run out the door.

To keep this list of 10 Healthy Snacks as simple as possible I went to my local Ralph’s to do some investigating. It was important to me to go to a generic grocery store to find these healthy snacks so this would be a more realistic list for everyone. I was surprised by all of the wonderful options Ralph’s had to offer for very affordable prices.

Enjoy and I’d love you hear your favorite EASY, HEALTHY snack in the comment section!

10 Healthy Snacks For Lazy People Wanting To Eat Healthy:

1). Cheese sticks/ Babybel cheese: Cheese, in moderation of course, is a great high protein snack to help keep you full throughout the day. Even better, snack sized cheeses are usually 100 calories or less and are high in calcium.


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Greek Yogurt

What brand of Greek yogurt is the healthiest? That is one of the most common questions I get when talking to people about their diets. Greek yogurt is marketed as being a healthy snack that’s high in protein, low in fat, blah blah. What most people don’t realize is that many brands of Greek yogurt are packed with sugar and artificial ingredients making them more desserts than a healthy mid-morning snacks.

For this Quick Tip ALWAYS look at the nutrition label when shopping for Greek yogurt. The rule of thumb I go by is if the amount of protein and carbs are equal (or protein higher) it’s probably a good choice.

Let’s take a look at 2 of the most popular brands: Chobani v. Fage:

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