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SeaWheeze Half Marathon Training: Week 1

Hey, hey hey!

I’m back from a wonderful vacation and now it’s officially time to whip my butt into shape for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon which just happens to be exactly 1 month from today.


As you all know I took the past 2.5 months off of running to let my shin splints and calf heal up. While my legs feel better I’m SO OUT OF RUNNING SHAPE and it’s making me really nervous about running 13.1 miles in 1 month.

So what have I been doing to prepare?

I’ve done some training runs this past week on vacation with my longest run being 5 miles. But since I’ve been home from vacation I really wanted to sit down and develop a game plan for training so I don’t re-injure myself. After spending some time researching googling training plans to get ready for a half marathon in 1 month I finally found one from Women’s Running that sounded pretty realistic. The plan I am choosing to loosely follow (emphasis on loosely) is their “intermediate runner” plan for someone who can currently run 5-6 miles.

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10 Ways To Reward Yourself Without Food + My Favorite Fitness Finds (ALL ON SALE)!

favorite fitness finds

A couple weeks ago I did a post on 5 Running Mistakes To Avoid. One of those huge mistakes is eating terribly then expecting to go run without any issues.

Uhhh not exactly going to work.

As much as I think I deserve a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a giant beer after an awesome workout I’m realizing that there are other ways to reward yourself that are not food related.

Fellow runner and blogger Kellen at A Cup of Kellen suggested treating yourself to a mani/pedi and another friend suggested putting away a little bit of money after every awesome workout to put towards a trip.

Here are 10 ways to reward yourself after a great workout without food:

  • manicure or pedicure (runners we could always use a pedi)
  • new workout clothes
  • putting money away for a trip
  • getting a massage or go to the spa
  • new shoes
  • buy a new healthy cookbook or really any book
  • give yourself permission to take a bubble bath and a nap
  • put some money towards a fitness tracker like a Fitbit or running watch like a Garmin
  • invest in some new kitchen gear (I’ve been dying for a new blender and at my 20 mile milestone may splurge)
  • take a fun class (cooking, painting, pottery…etc)

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This is not the pre-race post I wanted to write. I am running my second half marathon tomorrow, The Celebration Run and have been battling an awful cold all week. We’re talking high on DayQuil by day and high on Theraflu by night status. I’ve debated not running tomorrow and just focusing on getting better but I’ve trained too hard to not go out there and do my best.

My goal tomorrow is simply to finish and I know that these 10 Race Day Essentials will give me the best shot. I learned a lot from my first half marathon and hope these tips are useful if you ever decide to run one as well.


bobos oat bar

  • A good breakfast: Race day breakfasts should be high carbohydrates and moderate in protein and fat. Through your training you should experiment with different breakfasts to see what keeps you full longest and most importantly does not upset your stomach mid run (we’ve all had that one happen). My go to race day breakfasts: 1 slice of Ezekiel toast with 1 Tbsp peanut butter or a Bobo’s Oat Bar (I get mine at Sprouts or on Amazon).

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