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My VERY Honest Opinion On 6 Common Protein Bars

A few months ago I shared my thoughts about some of the most popular nutrition bars on the market and it quickly became one of my most popular blog posts to date.

The bars I included in that post were all healthy options and I never even thought to talk about the bad options until my friend Ashley suggested it. 

Ashley confessed she was confused by all the protein/nutrition bars found at conventional grocery stores, drug stores, airports, gas stations, Target…etc and wanted to know which were good options and which to stay away from.

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Everything You Need To Know About Kombucha


It’s hard to keep up with all the health trends out there, like: coconut oil, green juices,  sensory deprivation tanks, cupping, bullet-proof coffee…etc.

Most of these trends lose their luster pretty quickly but one trend that I don’t see going away anytime soon is kombucha!

I find this fizzy drink absolutely delicious and it also has some pretty impressive health benefits. BUT even I, a self proclaimed health and nutrition fanatic, hadn’t tried kombucha until recently… mostly because I didn’t know WTF it was.

So today I’m breaking down everything you need to know about kombucha. Cheers and go get yourself a bottle of “booch” after this!

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How To Read A Nutrition Label

how to read a nutrition label

I mentioned on my blog before that I use to work at a weight loss clinic. The program I helped clients do had 3 parts: weight loss, transition then maintenance. Basically, I helped people lose weight using pre portioned diet food then taught them how to transition back into eating real food to keep their weight off for good!

In this maintenance phase I covered topics like how to approach the grocery store, what your plate should look like, what proper serving sizes look like and most importantly how to read a nutrition label.

Instead of boring my clients to death breaking down a nutrition label into every single teeny tiny part I would always highlight the 5 things I personally thought were the most important to check.

I believe it is so incredibly beneficial to know what to look for on a nutrition label and hope you find this post educational!

Please feel free to weigh in and discuss your thoughts and opinions on this very important subject and just remember these are my personal thoughts and opinions–I’m not a doctor. 

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