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What Is Collagen & Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With It?


I’m sure you all have seen posts raving about collagen all over social media these days BUT what is it and can it really do all the incredible things it’s suppose to do?

I’ve been holding off doing this post for awhile because I wanted to speak about collagen from my own personal experience. For the past 6 months I’ve been using Vital Protein’s collagen mostly to help with my joints from running, prevent bone loss/ damage from my awful shin splints and decrease my anixety. With all the miracle supplements on the market I never expected to notice a difference from collagen but spolier alter…I fell in love with this supplement and really am a believer in the power of collagen.

But before I get into my personal thoughts/feelings/opinions about collagen let’s start with the basics…

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The Vitamins & Supplements I Take Every Day!


Vitamins and supplements can be controversial topics. So, let me just start this post reminding everyone that I am not a doctor. This post is just about what works for me and may work for you too. Please remember to consult with a medical professional before taking any kind of vitamins/ supplements. 

Anyway, I have SO MANY thoughts and opinions about vitamins and supplements this post could easily be 10 pages long. To avoid boring you all to death here’s just a little summarized version:

  • I believe you can get most of the nutrients you need on a daily basis by eating a healthy, balanced diet (unless you have a medical condition preventing this). Since my food can vary from day to day and especially on the weekends I like to take vitamins so when I don’t eat so healthy I’m still getting proper nutrients and my body stays in balance. That being said, DO NOT think you can eat doughnuts, pizza and chips all day, then take vitamins and think you’re meeting your nutritional requirements. Getting nutrients from food should be your main goal and vitamins just there to make up for any deficit. 
  • I think going to your doctor and getting a full blood panel done is one of the most beneficial things you can do. It’s important to know if you are deficient in any area where vitamins could really help. I personally got this done a few months ago before starting my current vitamin/ supplement regimen.

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