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What I Ate On A Long Training Run Day + Weekly Workouts

Food was a common theme on my blog last week. Specifically why I’m being extra cautious to not deprive my body of proper nutrients during this half marathon training cycle, why healthy fats are so important (especially for athletes) and then shared some of my favorite food items.

As I reflected on this past week I thought it would be informative to share what I eat on a typical day that I’m doing a long training run. On these days I definitely make an extra effort to eat clean, hydrate and really just properly prepare my body for a long ass run!

So here’s a breakdown of every single thing I ate last Friday before my 9 mile run.


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What I Eat To Reset My Body After Falling Off The Wagon

I normally live a very 80/20 lifestyle.

80% of the time I’m working out and eating healthy but that other 20% well… that’s drinking IPAs, eating cookies, partying in Pacific Beach until 2:00 am and ending the night making my Uber driver go through the Taco Bell drive through so I can get a crunch wrap with extra nacho cheese.

After 3 weeks of birthdays, friends in town, family visiting and just summer shenanigans let’s just say I feel a little off balance.

More of a 50/50 lifestyle if you would!

I feel bloated, sluggish and just uncomfortable. It’s time to get my diet and life back on track!

So today..which is Monday I’m going to bring you all along to see EXACTLY what I eat in a day when I’m trying to detox and reset my body.

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What I Ate The Day Before The La Jolla Half Marathon + Weekly Meals

Gooooood morning! 

I’m sitting here sipping coffee about to leave to run the La Jolla Half Marathon ahhhhh! I haven’t had this much race anxiety in a long time…well really this much race anxiety EVER!

My shin splints have been hurting, I don’t know the course, I can’t decide which shoes to wear…and for an OCD planner like me it’s making me crazy.

I’m not even going out today trying to get a specific time or anything…I really just want that free Ballast Point beer at the end haha!

Anyway…wish me luck!

For today I wanted to share What I Ate Before The La Jolla Half Marathon.  So here’s a look of what I ate pre half and a little recap of the expo!

Just for the record I am not one of those people who totally changes their eating habits before a race. I eat what my body is use to and so far it it’s worked for me.

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The week before Thanksgiving….uh oh!

The week leading into a holiday is one of the single most important times to PLAN TO EAT WELL! Thanksgiving is on Thursday so please make some time to get to the store TODAY and stock up on fresh fruit, veggies and lean meats before the stores get crazy with last minute shoppers. The last thing  you want to happen this week is not plan and end up eating fast food for dinner every night. Our goal is to have a holiDAY remember? Not a holiWEEK!

My personal goals for the week food wise are to eat low carb, eat more greens (hence the green detox drink every morning) and to not have dessert. Not so I can binge on Thanksgiving but more so I can go into the holiday being just a little bit more mindful of my eating.

Here’s my daily diet plan for the week:

  • B: 1 slice Ezekiel bread with 1/4 avocado, pepper and my green detox drink
  • S: 1 cup 0% Fage greek yogurt with slivered almonds
  • L: leftovers or my standard salmon burger with broccoli (I always have broccoli and salmon burgers on hand…just in case)
  • S: Lara Bar
  • S: red pepper with 2 Tbsp hummus
  • D: see below
  • Dessert: NONE (this is going to be the struggle)

Curious to see more about what I typically eat in a day? See here!

weekly meals

Weekly Dinners:

  • Sunday: Halibut with veggies- I’ll be up at my parents for Sunday football
  • Monday: Asian turkey meatballs from Skinny Taste (picture above). This is one of my favorite meals ever.
    • Tip DOUBLE the dipping sauce especially if you are going to be eating this like a “pasta”.
    • ….Question: Would you all like to see a tutorial of zucchini noodles?? I’m obsessed with them!
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti squash with marinara and parmesan cheese. Seriously so easy!
    • If you have never cooked spaghetti squash check out my step by step tutorial here. All I do is cook the squash, spoon some sauce on it and top with cheese…BOOM dinner!
  • Wednesday: Hot & sweet cherry pepper salad with rotisserie chicken breast.
  • Thursday- Sunday: Out of town..Happy Thanksgiving!

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