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How To Create A Workout Schedule You’ll Actually Stick To

I hope you all day a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.

Mine was spent doing a little bit of work and a whole lot of relaxing and recharging before the craziness of September and October begin. This coming month I’m going to 2 music festivals; KAA BOO and then CRSSD at the end of the month then during October I’ll be traveling for work back and forth from San Diego to either Texas or Florida almost every single week THEN poof it’s the holidays AHHHHH!

With everything I have going on it got me thinking about how important it is to have a workout schedule in place so I don’t start skipping workouts and ending up weak and 5 lbs heavier before the holidays even begin.

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Define Your Arms: Bicep and Tricep Workout

biceps and triceps

I use to HATE lifting weights.

I would walk into the gym and have no idea how to use any of the machines, was too embarrassed to walk into the free weight section with all the guys and quite honestly just didn’t know what exercises to do. So what did I end up doing? The elliptical for 45 mins then leaving and not seeing any results.

I’ve  slowly learned over the years that lifting weights is crucial if you want to see any muscle definition in your body and ladies- NO lifting weights will not make you get “”huge” or “bulky” try toned, defined, strong and sexy.

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