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Fit Foodie Run Race Recap

fit foodie run

I have to start this race recap out by giving a HUGE shout out and thank you to the Fit Foodie Race Series for putting on a wonderful race and for choosing me to be an ambassador. I was truly blown away by their generosity and will be doing this race every single year!

Not to spoil this whole post but I didn’t meet my goal of running a sub 50 minute 10k. In fact I had to really slow down my training due to some minor health concerns that I’ll talk more about on the blog next week.

I’m healthy and fine but my doctor highly recommended cutting back on my mileage and not running at high intensity for a bit. I know this sounds like most peoples dream…okay doc I’ll not exercise…but for me I’m STRUGGLING!

Exercise, especially running, is my outlet for stress and without it I’m low key going crazy!

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5 Ingredient Golden Milk

golden milk

If I see one more post on social media about Pumpkin Spice Lattes I’m going to lose it.

#1. I think PSL’s taste disgusting

#2. Did you know a grande PSL has 300+ calories and 50 g of sugar…WHAT!?!

I don’t know about you all but if I’m going to consume 50 g of sugar it better be a giant piece of cake with a glass of white wine!

Instead of fueling your body with crap this fall why not nourish it with something healthy AND delicious? I’ve been obsessed with Golden Milk for awhile and am so excited to finally be able to enjoy this warm, cozy drink now that the temperatures are dropping (kind of).

Golden Milk gets its name from the beautiful golden color of turmeric and is a mixture of milk (I do non-dairy), turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper. It has a rich, sweet and earthy flavor while boasting some INSANE health benefits!

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3 Healthy Halloween Snacks

healthy halloween

Last Halloween I gave you all my “Healthy Holiday” rant. 

Just in case you missed it… I’m going to go over it again because I think it’s so important!

Halloween kicks off the holiday season sugar binge! Think about it, In the next 3 months we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years…all holidays centered around food, dessert and booze!

So many people go into a mindset this time of year thinking “Oh, I’ll worry about exercise in January” or “I’m going to eat whatever I want until New Years then make my resolution to lose 20 lbs.”


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Fit Foodie Run Training + 5k GIVEAWAY!


Happy Hump Day!

I have some very very exciting news for you all!

I’ve been given the opportunity to raffle off 2 FREE tickets for the Fit Foodie Run 5k in San Diego on Saturday October 22nd. This is a crazy good deal considering right now registration for the 5k is $55. More info below!

Before I talk more about what you get at the Fit Foodie Run I just want to remind people that you don’t have to run a 5k. If you’d prefer to just walk it and enjoy the complementary food and drinks after the race you are more than welcome to do so!

The whole point is just to get active, have fun and eat delicious food!

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Healthy Spinach And Artichoke Dip

spinach artichoke dip

I love when you have such a good weekend that you actually start Monday feeling refreshed and ready to attack the week!

Just to fill you all in…

My weekend was filled with hot yoga, an 8 mile run and TONS of football–and with all that football comes a lot of snacking!

While we’re on the subject of football… AJHKJHJKEHTJKHTKN SAN DIEGO CHARGERS?!?! It’s a true talent for a team to find a new, heartbreaking, creative way to lose a game every single week.

So yes San Diego Chargers, I blame you for giving me game day stress causing me to snack a little too much…oops!

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How To Become A Morning Exerciser

morning workout
Does that alarm clock situation look familiar to anyone who has ever tried waking up early to workout?
I have always been so envious of those people who can wake up at 4:00 am, hit the gym, shower, get ready and show up to work at 7:30 am energized and ready to start the day. Seriously by 7:30 am these morning exercisers have already been more productive than most people will be in an entire day. #GOALS
I bring this subject up because for the past couple weeks my yoga instructor has been gone on vacation. I usually go to his yoga sculpt classes every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm which kind of pushes the rest of my weekly workouts to the evening as well. While he was gone Bryce and I decided we were going to try working out in the morning to get it over and make some time to actually do things after work.

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Your Fall Produce Guide

fall produce

Have you ever tried buying tomatoes in the winter? They cost a fortune and taste like CRAP! But come summer time when the weather warms up and the days get longer I can eat tomatoes like candy. They’re sweet, juicy and actually taste like how a tomato should taste.


Because as the weather changes so does the availability of produce.

Each new season offers new, fresh, ripe, delicious produce that not only tastes better but is actually better for you. 

As we move into Fall aka my FAVORITE season I wanted to highlight what fruits and veggies are going to be in season for the next couple months.

Happy Fall eating!

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Friday Favorites



September has been a crazy month for me. It started with celebrating my dad’s birthday at the Ballast Point beer festival, then my friends at I went to the KAA BOO music festival in Del Mar, then I went out to the Colorado River with my family and tomorrow I have one last event…CRSSD music festival downtown San Diego. 

I’m exhausted just typing all that.

With all that going on I have not had much time for blogging and you know what it’s felt great to kind of disconnect, relax and really enjoy myself. BUT after this weekend it’s back to creating content and bringing you all value in every single post.

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Fit Foodie Run Training Update + Weekly Workouts

fit foodie run

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I had been selected to be an ambassador for the Fit Foodie Run in October. There is a 5k and 10k option and I’ve decided to do the 10k which is 6.2 miles.

If you’ve read my blog for awhile you know I mostly run long distances like half marathons/ marathons so doing a 10k is something very very different for me.

For this race I’m really going to challenge myself to get outside my comfort zone! I know I can run 6.2 miles BUT can I do it fast? Ehhhhhhhh probably not.

Sprints, cut down runs, running at actual “race pace” are very scary concepts for a slow and steady runner like myself.

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4 Ingredient Healthy Vanilla Ice Cream

ice cream

Today is apparently the first official day of fall.

Well… it hardly feels like fall here in San Diego. It’s been HOT, humid and the rest of the week suppose to be sunny with temperatures in the high 80’s.

I’m not complaining…actually if it could be 80 and sunny every single day of the year I’d be happy.

BUT  when I looked at my September blogging schedule I realized I was suppose to do a post featuring DIY Ginger Tea today….uhhhh nothing sounds worse than hot tea as I’m sweating writing this than hot tea.

Instead I decided to whip up my favorite healthy ice cream to share with you all. As much as I love “healthy” ice cream brands like Arctic Zero and Halo Top even those still contain sugar alcohols, binders and other creepy ingredients. As you know from this post on reading a nutrition label I really hate putting things like that into my body and try to stick with whole food ingredients.

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