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Friday Favorites: Halo Top


What? Healthy and ice cream are not usually words associated with each other…until now! 

My friend Harvey recommended Halo Top Creamery’s “healthy ice cream” to me awhile ago but I could never find it in my usual grocery stores so I kind of forgot about it. Until last week when I got that sudden craving for ice cream but didn’t want to totally mess up my diet.

In this oh so very familiar dilemma I finally got motivated to get on Halo Top’s website to see where I could get my hands on some.

I was VERY skeptical about Halo Top. Healthy ice cream immediately just makes me think of Arctic Zero products which aren’t bad but sure as hell are not ice cream. They have a super icy texture and fake flavor that just isn’t for me.

I mean…if it’s not actually going to taste like ice cream then I’d rather not!

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What I Ate On A Long Training Run Day + Weekly Workouts

Food was a common theme on my blog last week. Specifically why I’m being extra cautious to not deprive my body of proper nutrients during this half marathon training cycle, why healthy fats are so important (especially for athletes) and then shared some of my favorite food items.

As I reflected on this past week I thought it would be informative to share what I eat on a typical day that I’m doing a long training run. On these days I definitely make an extra effort to eat clean, hydrate and really just properly prepare my body for a long ass run!

So here’s a breakdown of every single thing I ate last Friday before my 9 mile run.


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4 Ingredient Healthy Vanilla Ice Cream

ice cream

Today is apparently the first official day of fall.

Well… it hardly feels like fall here in San Diego. It’s been HOT, humid and the rest of the week suppose to be sunny with temperatures in the high 80’s.

I’m not complaining…actually if it could be 80 and sunny every single day of the year I’d be happy.

BUT  when I looked at my September blogging schedule I realized I was suppose to do a post featuring DIY Ginger Tea today….uhhhh nothing sounds worse than hot tea as I’m sweating writing this than hot tea.

Instead I decided to whip up my favorite healthy ice cream to share with you all. As much as I love “healthy” ice cream brands like Arctic Zero and Halo Top even those still contain sugar alcohols, binders and other creepy ingredients. As you know from this post on reading a nutrition label I really hate putting things like that into my body and try to stick with whole food ingredients.

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Guilt Free Protein Ice Cream Sandwich


We’ve officially (almost) made it to the weekend!

This was my first week working at Perfect Bar and to say I’m exhausted would be an understatement. This isn’t just another new job for me this is an actual career! Working for Perfect Bar is a dream come true and I’ve put 110% of my heart and soul into this first week.

Normally I’d say bring on a glass or ummm BOTTLE of wine to celebrate and relax but I’m holding strong to my no booze until after my marathon promise.

SO…option #2:  A guilt free protein ice cream sandwich instead???


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1 Month Until My First Marathon + Some Very Exciting News


Let’s get right into this post shall we?

Well my very exciting news is that I GOT A NEW JOB working at Perfect Bar (yes, THE Perfect Bar)! This opportunity truly is a dream come true for me and I have this blog to thank for it.

Live Lean Eat Green has helped take my passion for nutrition, heath education, fitness and weight loss to the next level. I could not be more thrilled to get back into the nutrition field and help spread the word about the best whole food protein bar on the market!

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