VCT Pacific Stage 2 Group Matchups Revealed!

VCT Pacific Stage 2 Group Matchups Revealed!

Hey, young gamers! Get ready for another round of thrilling Valorant action because VCT Pacific Stage 2 is just around the corner. And guess what? The gaming arena is getting a makeover! Coex Artium in Gangnam, Seoul, will be the epicenter of all the gaming magic. Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new as we move from the previous KICKOFF location at S Factory.

VCT Pacific Stage 2 : The Scoop on Group Stage

Riot Games has spilled the beans on the group stage matchups for VCT Pacific Stage 2, and it’s going to be a showdown like no other! The familiar Alpha and Omega groupings from Stage 1 are making a comeback. This time, teams will be battling it out against opponents from their own groups. The competition is fierce, and only the top six teams with the best performance throughout Stage 1 and 2 will earn their golden ticket to the Stage 2 Playoffs.

VCT Pacific Stage 2 : The Road to Glory

But here’s the real deal – getting to Champions 2024 is no walk in the park. Teams need to snag a top-three finish at the Stage 2 Playoffs or rack up the most Championship Points. It’s all about proving your Valorant skills and making your mark in the gaming world.

Dates to Remember

Mark your gaming calendars, little champs! VCT Pacific Stage 2 is kicking off on June 15 and will be keeping the gaming fever alive until July 21. The excitement unfolds in two stages:

  • Group Stage: June 15 – July 8
  • Playoffs: July 12 – July 21

And here’s a tip – Finals weekend on July 20 and 21 is when the gaming energy will be off the charts! All Stage 2 matches, except for the Finals weekend, will kick off at 4 PM SGT (UTC+8). Stay tuned for more details on the Lower Finals and Grand Finals timings – the suspense is real!

The Ultimate Gaming Venue

Coex Artium in Gangnam, Seoul, is the place to be for all the gaming action. It’s not just a change of venue; it’s a gaming upgrade! We’re leaving behind the old vibes at S Factory and stepping into the new at Coex Artium. And guess what? The location for the Stage 2 Grand Finals is still a mystery waiting to be unraveled. The gaming excitement is building up – can you feel it?

That’s the gaming scoop, little champs! Get ready to dive into the Valorant world once again as VCT Pacific Stage 2 unfolds. New venue, epic battles, and a gaming spectacle like never before – it’s going to BETSLOT be legendary!